Ceiling pendant lamp the light did not turn on


I have a problem with my ceiling lamp bought recently. The type is YLDL01YL. After the few hours of normal usage non of the led part is not turning on. The device is connected to the MI HOME app, it receives commands, the network is on, the BLE gateway is communicating with the nearby devices. The firmware is the latest 2.0.6_0042.

What I tried:

  • disconnected from the main power
  • deleted the device from the MI HOME app, resetted the device using the 5x2 second method

none of the above helped. The device is connecting to the wifi and MI HOME app without any problems, just the LEDs are not working.

Please help me, how to proceed.

Kind Regards,

Hi, it looks like a hardware problem, suggest contact your seller to exchange.

Crappy product,
crappy support from yeelight. Just see: Problems with Crystal Pendant Light and firmware 2.0.6_0042
Very sad. Don´t buy.