Yeelight 650 - Ambilight color with Alexa

Any news???

any news???

Any News ?

Any news? This lamp without ambilight is nothing special any more!

please provide us with a solution or the possibilty for a downgrade.
I initialy planned to bring yeelight to All of my rooms but with this missing Feature i think hue is the better solution.
All planned buys are on hold.
And btw. Your customer Service is really Bad!

I’m a project manager working with a team of developers. That’s how we work: first of all in new release it is necessary to make all kind of tests and non regression tests. If some features doesn’t work we make a rollback. If that’s not possible we working hard to find a workaround solution. And that should be made very fast, because it is not possible to leave people with a problem for so long time. I have a yeelight 650 in my bedroom and was planning also to buy a new one for living room for Xmas. I didn’t because most of all I’m using Ambilight and that’s still not working with Alexa. How long we have to wait?

Please give us an actual statement

We are trying our best to push MiHome to fix this issue. We can not make a rollback, because we are transitioning to a new SmartHome framework. What we can do now is to push them to resolve the problem. Sorry again.

still no solution?

Thank you for the statement.
Please keep us updated.

Sorry for the inconvenient.

Any News?

Still waiting. Already passed about 3 months…

This is just horrible Support…

We are waiting too. Sorry for the inconvenient. Please stay tuned.


Push! Any Updates? Hello? Half a year and you cannot fix this?

PUSH! Hello? Any updates on this? still not working…

I have the same problem with my two meteor bought recently

Same problem with my yeelight 650… very disappointed… at the beginning yeelight was great and i had no issues… now just problems… updates don’t work… features are gone… really sad