Yeelight 650 - Ambilight color with Alexa

Hello together,

since ~2 weeks I am the proud owner of a Yeelight Yeelight 650. The Yeelight 650 is connected via the Yeelight App to Alexa.

In the beginning I was able to change the color of the Ambilight by voice (e.g. “diningroom red”).
Yesterday I recognized that this is not working anymore.
Now Alexa states “diningroom does not support this” if I try to change the ambilight color.

I am using the latest firmware and app / skill versions.

At the moment the Yeelight 650 is connected to the Germany server but I also tried it with others (Singapore, China, …) with the same result.

Does anybody have the same problem or any hints for me how I could get this back to work?

Thank you in advance!

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Sorry for the change.

Does this mean you deactivated this on purpose?
Is there a way to get the function back?

I have the same problem. It will be solved?

We are sorry for that. It maybe be back. It just depends.

Depends on what?
Do you have a timeline for bringing this feature back?

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“We are sorry for that. It maybe be back. It just depends.” is not acceptable an answer like this. Are you a technical guy?


Previous firmware was working great. I’m guessing if it’s at least possible to make a downgrade of firmware…


Can you please downgrade the version. From my point of view there is a big bug in the current version. I wonder why I have Ambilight lamp when I can’t control it via Alexa.

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I have the same problem… please bring it back!!! :’(

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Can you please give us an better answer then “we are sorry”.
The feature is really missing.

Options could be.
New firmware
whitelist for downgrade

Sorry for your loss. We have launched a brand new framework caused this issue. We will figure it out.

Hello, Yeelight Team,

I also like to use the backlight function over Alexa and I think it’s a pity that it doesn’t work anymore. At the moment I can’t recommend the lamp because of the missing function.

If you have a beta version which solves the problem I can help you to test it. Since I am a developer, a short technical instruction how to get the beta firmware on the lamp is enough.

Any idea when you have an Update on this? This kinda sucks and makes the lamp nothing special any more

Any news???

any news???

Any News ?

Any news? This lamp without ambilight is nothing special any more!

please provide us with a solution or the possibilty for a downgrade.
I initialy planned to bring yeelight to All of my rooms but with this missing Feature i think hue is the better solution.
All planned buys are on hold.
And btw. Your customer Service is really Bad!

I’m a project manager working with a team of developers. That’s how we work: first of all in new release it is necessary to make all kind of tests and non regression tests. If some features doesn’t work we make a rollback. If that’s not possible we working hard to find a workaround solution. And that should be made very fast, because it is not possible to leave people with a problem for so long time. I have a yeelight 650 in my bedroom and was planning also to buy a new one for living room for Xmas. I didn’t because most of all I’m using Ambilight and that’s still not working with Alexa. How long we have to wait?