Yeelight 650 (scenes with ambient light + main light together)


Recently I bought four Xiaomi Yeelight Jiaoyue 650 ceiling light, they are great and very beautiful, however its software is not good enough, I should say it is actually a very bad software because it does not allow basic features as stated below.

How could it not be possible to create a custom scene in wich both ambient light + main light are configured and activated together??? It is a basic feature that must be taken into account, however it is not possible with neither your App or the Xiaomi’s Mi Home. Currently you have to manually change the ambient light and the main light separately, so you have to spend much time each time you want to swap among your favorite customizations. For me this feels like having to re-tune all the channels of a TV every time you turn it on.

Also, if you turn off your light while in moon mode, next time you turn it on the ambient light will not glow. This is obviously a bug, and it is annoying.

Please, I’ve spent 600€ in your lights, I think that such a poor software it is a shame. Model 650 it is considered to be one of your best lights, (and it is actually very beautiful), however its software doesn’t allow me to swap among my favorite modes fast and easily (which should be a basic feature of any ‘SMART’ light).

There have been many people asking for those features for long time (more than one year ago you said you were working on it but it was not true). For example, please read this feature request on your official forums:

Please, improve your software/firmware. There are customers like me who spent a lot of money in your product and now realiced that we can not operate it properly. Your honor as brand is determined by how you treat your customers, and we are waiting for this update that is never being done. We feel abandoned, you are not considering us. It is a basic feature, not a picky one.

This is the feature request:

1. Being able to store multiple custom scenes (ambient light + mode: moon/sun + ambient colours + intensities of both main and ambient lights together + main light temperature)
2. It sould be easy and fast for the user to swap between different custom modes. I suggest creating a custom scene menu and also provide the posibility to create custom shortcuts / widgets to the android home screen

Thank you




Any news?

It seems that they are not planing to implement this feature… maybe if more people request it we can make us hear. It is a pity that such a good lamp is missing a proper software to manage it.

This should be a feature for a long time already…

Please make possible at least controlling of ambient light as separate device, so it can take part of custom scenes and groups.

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same for new model 2021 Arwen 550c and Firmware 2.0.6

Wouldn’t buy it again