Urgent add Lan Mode to Mi desk Lamp 1s

Lan mode not avaiable in app.

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The firmware is the last one: 2.0.6_0007

firmware already supported that, but app forgot to expose the interface, will be fixed in next update.

I just notice that last app update was 26th july. When we’ll get update?

Will release a new version in two weeks.

lamp mi desk is without lan protocol. is possible to insert?

Please tell us what is going on with the LAN control mode of the Mi desk lamp 1S.
Will it become available and when ?

lan control is not present in yeelight software for both my desk yeelink.light.lamp, yeelink.light.bslamp1, yeelink.light.bslamp2. is it possible to rehabilitate it? when will there be the next application update? if there is a beta version for testing enter my mi id: 1593227643

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Please tell us when it will be possible to turn on the LAN mode in the Desk Lamp 1?

please reinstate the lan control

This is unacceptable from yeelight! No solution, nothing… I am waiting for this for a while! Yeelight, are you there?


Could we expect your workaround for this device as well? As of your work for Bedside Lamp 2?


I have an option for enabling LAN control for Desk Lamp 1s in my Yeelight iOS application but I can’t enable it!
What’s going on with Lan control for this lamp?
Please allow me to enable it.