Yeelight Bulb v2, Mi Home and Alexa

Hi guys!

I have dozen of v2 bulbs (YLDP06YL), couple of Alexa devices and live in Europe.
My configuration was: lights added to Yeelight app (iOS) then to Alexa = everything is fine, I can manage, etc.

Now I took Xiaomi gateway, couple of sensors, bunch of switches and realized that I can’t manage my lights because Mi Home German server can’t detect bulbs, and Yeelight app can’t see switches and do any automation because it’s just not supposed to.

Okay, I thought and switched servers for Yeelight and Mi Home to China. Since that moment I can successfully add YLDP06YL to Mi Home, create automation rules, etc. But now I cannot detect anything in Alexa. I tried these Alexa skills: Mi Home, Mi Home (Asia) and Yeelight. Nothing works at all, Alexa just don’t see YLDP06YL no matter what I try.

So, options I wish I could have (any of it):

  1. Detect YLDP06YL bulbs in German server in Mi Home app, create automations and import these lights to Alexa, enjoy my life.
  2. Let Yeelight app detect lights connected to China server, import them to Alexa, enjoy my life.
  3. Any other solution when I still can make my automation rules with sensors, switches, YLDP06YL bulbs and Alexa.

Is there any? I know there is some Yeelight beta testing program which allows to import lights from Yeelight app connected to China server. This might be a temporary solution for me, but still will be great to know a solid one.

Thank you in advance.

Yeelight will support Alexa with Mainland china server.


Can I use beta in the meanwhile? If yes - how to access?

In two weeks, I think.

what about beta access?

hello? What about beta?

Please have a wait for final release.

Would there be any announce or something? If yes - where?

Yes, will announce in this forum.