Yeelight not working with Alexa any more

Same problem here with Chinese server, there is a solution?
I have 7 bulbs v1 that work with alexa in Spanish and the two new bulbs YLDP06YL don’t work.
My Amazon id:
Thx You.

i would like also an invite

You need update Alexa skill. Then work fine

Hi I would also like to be invited to the beta skill. Amazon Id:

Thank you

Hi. I just instaled my YLDP06YL and It works fine with yeelight app, It seems to work sometimos with mi home app, (china Servet) and it appears on Alexa, but when trying ti control It either by voice ir vía app Alexa says ok but doesnt work. Can you help me, please? I hace tries both china and Germany server

Return the bulbs and get V1 RGB if you can. They haven’t released the skill which actually supports the V2 bulbs on CN server, for 1 year or so still in beta. Its a damn joke.

Hi! My yeelight bulb color has stopped working with alexa. I use yeelight skill. yeelight app can control the bulb, so the wifi connection is ok.
resetting, reconnecting have not helped
what can be done?

Today, all my Yeelight color bulbs v2 are not working with Alexa anymore… was working fine for a few weeks now just shows “unresponsive” on the alexa app.

Tried changing servers, resetting, removing and adding back. Alexa can discover it after removing, but still shows “unresponsive”


Experiencing the same issue. Everything was working fine (Alexa + LED Bulb 2 Color/firmware 2.0.6_0065), now it’s discoverable in Alexa, but always shows up as unresponsive.

Removing/adding back works, but does not help: it would still be unresponsive.

A bug in the Alexa skill?

It seems we all have the same problem, all my house yeelight bulbs are not working correctly, once i execute the skill that involves for them to change their state, Alexa says the device is unresponsive and after this the devices do react to the command with a delay about 45 seconds later, some other times they do not change their state at all. All bulbs are 2nd gen: 2 x whites (CT) and 2 x Colors (CT) and the firmware is updated to the last one notified by the app (ver. 2.0.6_0065 for the color bulbs and ver. 2.0.6_0041 for the white ones)

Looks like a problem with yeelight. Lots of people are having the same problem. Started today only…

Two of my RGB light bulb and one yeelight is not responding to Alexa, it was fine 5 hours ago. Now not working headache… Spent 2 hours… Should have gone for Philips

we are working on this issue.

My lights have started responding to Alexa again - however, there is still about a 30-40 second delay before the command is activated. At least it is a step in the right direction after not being able to get them to reconnect or even discovered in the Alexa app all day.

Is working now, not sure how, Alexa is working now, i am so happy… Go Yeelight!!!

Tonight the same problem. Yeelight Bulb Color V2 EU versione function with Yeelight app and Alexa skill this morning, tonight on Alexa “problem with connection ecc…” and Bulb not found. I try to delete and reinstall on Yeelight app and is ok, but on Alexa skill now I can’t find Bulb anymore.

Can help me?


Same problem. Suddenly all lamps do not respond or with a very large delay via Alexa

same problem for me too

Could you let us know which server are you using? Germany, Singapore or US?

I use Germany server.