Yeelight not responding alot of times.

Hi i have 3 yeelight II color bulbs on Singapore server and connected to google home. My bulb always doesn’t respond to my voice comments. I have to try 3 to 4 times repeating hey google turn on the living room bulbs. After few tries it works. If not work it says sorry couldn’t control the bulb or cannot connect to the bulb. In yeelight app it works ok. Please help

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I have the same problem but the yeelight app doesn’t work very well, when google cannot turn the bulb on or off neither the app

For me it works it the app at times but still slightly lags but thru google home it works 1 time and doesn’t work 4 times. Nonone is replying from yeelight as u can see. Regret buying 3 bulbs. Should have bought tplink. My next purchase will be tplink if yeelight dont improve the bulb response.

Please provider your xiaomi account? @yusure please take a look at the issue.

Hi my xiaomi account number is 6185586986 and its on Singapore server. @yusure please help.

I have the same problem with many of my globes. I have about 40 in the house, and I might tell a room to turn off, and all but one might. Then I can tell the one globe to turn off, and it might or might not. I can tell the room to turn off again and it might, then the globe… eventually I get my lights off (Though I have just turned them off at the wall if I’m in a hurry… ) I though this might be a server thing? My mesh network if strong, so shouldn’t be a signal issue. It’s not always the same globes. Any help of advice welcomed. Would happily buy another hub if I could control locally with out need to contact the external server.

Edit: Account 6176737558

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My Xiaomi account is 1700551423 I’m on the china server

Same thing happens to me. I bought only 3 and im frustrated. Feel very bad for u buying 40pcs.any yeelight staffs why dont anyone give be us a solution

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@dingyichen @yusure so nobody gona reply for my problem here? Feel regret buying this bulbs.

So sorry, I’m late. GoogleHome response too slow ?


What’s your globe type ? Wi-Fi or Blue mesh ?

It still doesn’t work ?

Hi yusure. I have the Wifi Yeelight V2 globes (the one’s that hardly dim without beta firmware I’d love… :rofl::joy::sob:) Most are running 1.4.2_0038, though I left a few recent ones on the previous version, but I have the not turning off/on issue with both versions. I’m using Google home and Xiami Switches to control the globes.

Same Problem here!
I first had Alexa but Alexa i super crap and i cant find a way to get my beta invitation.

So i hav Google Home now an yesterday i tried to turn off my 3 lamps in the living room and one lamp did not respond. it was random also it takes 3 seconds for a response with china mainland server

Its pertty useless when i have to turn the lamps off by hand because one will stay on and does not respond.

Should i change Server with my yeelights? I am on china Mainland with Mi because i have a lot of Xiaomi devices.

Mi account number is 1747665251

Thanks a lot ! :wink:

Are you sure use this ID ? I didn’t find recent logs .


Which action do you use on GoogleHome app ? Mi Home or Yeelight ?

Hi again,
Yes, that’s it. I hadn’t logged in through the Yeelight App recently, just Xiaomi Home app if that makes a difference? I just logged into the Yeelight App again if that updates anything you need?

No not too slow response. Its random response. One light in my bedroom when i say turn on bedroom light too google home it doesn’t turn it on but gives error can’t control your home device then i say again on second time it turns on the light. It randomly works and dont work. Then i have 2 lights in my living room. When i say turn on living room lights it turn on one and say error cant turn on the device or light. It randomly one 1 light and cant control one light and at times both work and at times both dont work. Im using yeelight color bulb II. My yeelight account is 6185586986 in Singapore server. Please do something. I have tried reset and reconnect but still same.

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i use yeelight!
i didnt know i could use mi home for this.
yeelight should be better because of scenarios i can make for rooms

I have the same problem
Server: Germany
ID: 1770592259