Yeelight not responding alot of times.

Its been 2 weeks and there’s no any fix or advice. Very veey disappointed.

Hope people can see the type of customer service yeelight is giving. More then 2 weeks and no replies. 18days and the lights still randomly disconnects. Will ask people i know to never buy yeelight and go for other brands. Its faster to turn on off the bulbs using the physical switch. It just drops out of the network very crazily @yusure @dingyichen

Yes. Very disappointing yet again… just take a look at the 1% still too bright thread. I though this was going better when I was asked for some information… but then I gave it and … nothing… just nothing… still have a little hope this might progress… or maybe it will be just another "it will be fixed with V3… just rebuy 40 of them…

Hi Vignes,

Sorry, I’m late, I checked your control logs and found a lot of “operation timeout” logs, sorry about that, Most of the reasons are caused by your device network environment.


Hi @yusure how sure are you about that? Because i have tplink smart plug, sensibo aircond controller, tplink smart bulbs, google home mini, chromecast 3 on the same room and not one of the products loose connection or timesout. Only the yeelight bulb is timing out even if the router is placed just a few feet away. Im pretty sure its the bulb because im using huawei b618 router which supports smart home devices and all my other products are working flawlessly. So how about that? Any idea to solve it?

Hi @yusure,
Can you please tell me what I need to be running so you can get some logs?
Thank you

8 Days later, I’d still like to set this up so I can give you logs to please check…

Which server do you select in Yeelight applicaataion? And Where do you live?

Hi sir @dingyichen im using Singapore server and living in malaysia. Everything works find other then yeelight bulbs. Pls help

The problem is actually your Singapore server which keep on going offline where in the app showing the bulbs are going offline even with good internet connection. I change yeelight server to united states it works flawlessly. Same goes to my mi rgb led lights Singapore server doesn’t respond alot of times and bulbs always going offline i change the mi account to united states and it too works flawlessly. Please fix your Singapore server its really terrible. Fyi i have 3 yeelight rgb version 2 and 3 mi led lights

Can I please get some help to? I’m not sure why, but I seem to be getting ignored? I am just trying to find why my lights only sometimes, and if I need to change anything or run anything so Yeelight staff and look for me please?