No white color Led Strip

I also cannot access white color mode
Yes please add me to whitelist
Mi id: 1642281887

Using Singapore server

Thank you

Please add me 1604266159

Please add me!
ID: 1598682937
Server: China
Platform: Mi Home

Could you do the same for my account please?
ID: 1664655267

Is anyone from staff looking into this… it’s obviously effecting a lot of people. My lights still don’t work. Customer support through email is less than helpful?

I’d hate to have to write bad reviews about it… I want you guys to succeed.


Please add me also:
1893169230 and China server



Hi I ve the same problem could you add me to the list please. My ID number 6152565338 thanks

Hi, would you please add me to the whitelist too.

My ID is: 6185712259

Me too please
ID: 1649460011

Could you please update my 3 strips also?
My mi account: 1735047329

Hello all, current firmware is on certification for homekit, I can’t add you into whitelist. So please take your time, will release once it done.

Thank you for the update. Question why is the white not included for everyone standard out of package? Hope one big firmware update adds whites for all users.

Can whitelist my account too?


China server.


Can you add me to the white list also for the yeelight light strip plus
Singapore server.


Almost buying the Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip PLus now. The question i have is can it turn to White shade of colour as the Philips hue strip can do?
This Whitelist thing. Is it working? Also why is the need to whitelilst?

Expecting a quick and a honest reply, Thanks!


  • Mainland server

I also cannot access white color mode
Yes please add me to whitelist
Mi id: 1732667850

Using China server

Thank you

I also don’t have white color mode for three Yeelight Strip Plus. Connected to Singapore server, please add my Mi ID 1854122596 to whitelist. Thanks.

I have the same problem with the white colour. Can you join me to ur whitelist? What i need to do after you enter my ID, so i can have white colour?
My ID:1801759108

Hi, could you please also add me to the whitelist ?

My ID is : 1599260775.

Thanks and please respond when it is done so i can update the Aurora Lightstrip.

Thanks :slight_smile: