No white color Led Strip

I have issue with no white color options in Mi Home or Yeelight app for my new Yeelight Strip Plus EU version. I use mainland China server. Should I buy Chinese version to get it solved?

Please help


Hey! That’s’ really weird​ because mainly I need white color as many customers. And it doesn’t says anywhere before you buy.

Please provide your xiaomi account, I will add you into whitelist to update firmware to support white color.

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Can you please whitelist me too ?
MI ID: 189802842

I currently have 1 old strip and 2 new strips + I bought a few extenders and noticed that plus doesn’t have white (Sun) option like old strip.

My account is on Mainland China server.

Thanks !

Same here with 2nd Gen strip.

Mi-ID: 1634508045

Thx i.a.!

@alexinc @turshija done, only Yeelight application with servers except Germany.

Thanks for adding!

except Germany

That’s what i really don’t understand. All the fuzz with different servers and rules. Is it really up to any EU regulation, that german server can’t support white colors on strips? I don’t get it. Bulbs are supported on german server too, which hopefully stays like this!?

Also i’m having 19 soon to be 20 yeelight devices in yeelight app. In mi home app it shows all devices under “manage home devices”, but it only shows 3 yeelight devices to add and control. All bulbs are not shown but somehow recognized… that really sucks. Of course i’d like to manage and control all devices on one server in one app.

I would be happy to get also the white function for my stripes. I chooses China for the country and my id is 1629783460

I have updated both new strips to newest firmware, and since then both strips have become unresponsive, even button on strip itself stops working (clicking and holding doesn’t do anything, and before it was toggle on/off and change colors).
Is that expected ?
I did reset on one of the strips, but it went unresponsive again after a while …

ok, I’ve fixed it by updating to latest version 2.0.5_0055 that was probably released 1 or 2 days ago ?

I had to reset my strips, pair them again and quickly trigger update before they crash again … after that just do one restart (unplug-plug) and everything goes back to normal :slight_smile:
My strips disappeared from Home Assistant now, but its hopefully not related to this …

Hello! Can you please add me to the whitelist too? Just realized the last lightstrip I bought (2nd version) doesn’t have the white option and found this topic.

Id : 1689543652
I use the mainland China server.
Thank you!

Unfortunately my strips have become extremely buggy since I updated them to 2.0.5_*, after a while of working they just become totally unresponsive, offline and even button stops working and I have to power it down in order to restart it.
Both of my led strips stop working, one is in my house and other one is in my office, where regular (old version) of lightstrip still works fine !

Just to mention that these “pro” strips worked for a few months with no issues until I got whitelisted in this thread to update them to newest version.

Is there a way maybe to downgrade firmware ? I would rather not have “Sun” option and have fully working strips which I don’t need to powercycle every day :slight_smile:

Which server do you select?

Mainland China …

I have ~30 devices, all in China server, my routers are using Google DNS and everything works correctly. Even all strips worked correctly, until I updated two of “pro” strips to this new firmware (which I was whitelisted for) and both of them started acting strange.

There are even physically on two different locations, connected to two different routers (one at home and other in my office), and both of them stop responding after a while and need restart, so it shouldn’t be any issues with routers.

Also, other than this I’m using Home Assistant for all my smart devices, and since I updated “pro” strips, they totally disappeared from HA, its like LAN control functionality stopped working or something like that (I’ve made sure its enabled), or discovery stopped working, and after a while strip just stops working.

If strip was turned on, it stays on and clicking a button doesn’t do anything (only solid blue led on button), I have to physically unplug and plug back in for it to start working again.
I’ve also tried resetting strips few times and pair it again (holding the button when plugging it in, connect to wifi and pair it in yeelight or mi home app), but same problem occurs. Another observance - when resetting strip, app says that after holding button for 5 seconds and have red/green/blue flash, that led on button will turn yellow, but its solid blue constantly for me, is that expected ? Pairing works correctly though, I can connect to yeelight wifi, finish pairing etc…

If you need me to do any special or advanced diagnostics, please let me know.

Any news on my message above ?

Both of led strips (pro) are on 2.0.5_0057 and still crash completely after a day or two where I need to unplug it from power in order to fix it. It becomes totally unresponsive, clicking on a button doesn’t do anything, they become offline both in Yeelight and Mi Home apps and if I leave light on I don’t have a way to turn it off other than unplugging it. After unplugging it and plugging it back in everything goes back to normal and then same thing happens after a day.

All of this started happening after I updated to version 2.X.X when you whitelisted me to get “Sun” option.
Old led strip (v1) works perfectly fine, and its still on 1.4.2_0050

Hi, what’s the model of the router? Not sure but it could be some compatibility issue with specific routers. We could try reproduce the issue to collect more data.

Both routers are Asus.

At home I’m using Asus RT-N18U with ~25 devices (it can handle much more, at one moment I had 50+ devices but I’ve switched lights from Wifi to Zigbee) and at office I’m using Asus RT-AC51U with 5-6 devices. On both locations my led strips v2 die, and at home led strip v1 works perfectly fine for months without needing me to restart it.

It shouldn’t be router issue, because entire strip becomes unresponsive, physical button stops working so I can’t toggle light using button unless I unplug it and plug back in, and after that everything goes back to normal for a day or two.

Can you please whitelist me too ?
MI ID: 1619721271
Thanks I am on China server and strip does not offer white

I’ve updated my strips to 2.0.5_0059 and still same issue occurs.
Is there any way to downgrade my strip to version 1.X ? This way both my strips are unusable and I will need to replace them.

Or at least provide me with instructions to do more diagnostics in order to pinpoint the exact reason why this issue happens.

When I select white, or when I reset the lightstrip it turns RED. It is also effecting some colours. I am using the US Server coming from Canada.

Please add me to any white list so I can use this product as it was intended.

MI ID: 1831513203

This is a very complicated way to use a product purchased from you.

Thank you.