Problem installing the WiFi bedside lamp !! Help me !

Hello, I just bought the Yeelight bedside lamp (Gold WiFi version).
I downloaded the MI Home application and I want to add the lamp.
I’m booting up my wifi connection on an access point password with just simple characters.
I find the lamp and trigger the connection.
At 100% I get a message
expired request

however from the access point, I found that the lamp (yeelink-light-bslamp1_mibt88477608) got its IP address. That during the connection sequence the lamp tried to connect to the following server: <>.
query [A] from
forwarded to
reply is
reply is
reply is

Several packages are exchanged before arriving at

I also found that the lamp emitted broadcast messages
Cache-Control: max-age = 3600
Location: yeelight: // 55443
NTS: ssdp: alive
Server: POSIX, UPnP / 1.0 YGLC / 1

I saw a reference to
impossible to use

Can you help me please?

How about changing DNS of your router to and try again?

this is already the case and we can see it in the trace

Please check if you are the case: