Smartthings support


Hi there. I’m interested in porting the work you’ve done thus far on Yeelight for Smartthings to Hubitat, a local-processing smart home controller. Is there somewhere that I can access the app and drivers you’ve created for Smartthings? Hubitat also uses groovy for their drivers and apps, so porting existing devices is relatively easy. @weiwei


Let me find the code and share to you. However, SmartThings are cloud-to-cloud interface, you may need to do pretty much code change.


Already PM you the code, note: I’m totally new to Groovy and I’m writing the code with help from Google & Stackoverflow :grin:, so lots of code might be very naive.


Would I please be able to get a copy of that groovy file?



Thanks, i copied in the smart app and enabled oauth. It allows me to pick the server singapore or north america but when you go to sign in it just gives invalid client.


OAuth required a clientID and secret which I can’t reveal, because with that any user can access our cloud server.


Are your users able to generate an api key then? To possibly get this to work


No, no per-user key available.


so this a dead end ?


I can’t send PM’s yet, but we would love to discuss local control of Yeelight Bulbs on Hubitat Elevation. Reviewing your API it appears you can support UPNP discovery and direct local control of the bulbs. Please let me know how to contact you @weiwei to discuss.




There is another API server, DTH and SmartApp for Xiaomi which listed Yeelight as supported.


@weiwei. as @pstuart is suggesting. Yeelight should be controllable via Local LAN. Since more and more (Specifically in Northamerica) are adopting Smartthings. It will be good selling point for Yeelight as well.


Hi, would you reconsider the integration now that Samsung has announced an upgraded “works with Smartthings” program?


hi @weiwei and all fellow Yeelight & Smartthings fans, just wanted to see if there is any more update and way to support Yeelight from Smarthings please?

Samsung do not even make bulbs so Yeelight cannot even be seen as a competitor and Yeelight is far better at a great value to anything else out there in market so very keen to have this integration work please

Please somebody enlighten and provide good news!


Let me check their latest policy. It hurts us so badly last time and we need to think twice before putting effort this time.