Smartthings support

Is there any plan to provide an official support ? Anyone keen on making a device handler in smartthings?

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Already implemented a SmartApp that can discover and control Yeelight devices. We have contact SmartThings team to see how to move forward.

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Sounds like a good news is that mean it can only be used until smart things approve it? I don’t mind if it could be installed using device handler even I am new to smart things too

Will work out a solution as soon as possible, please stay tuned.

Hi weiwei I got xiaomi button and door and windows sensors to smartthings working by using user built device handler, waiting for your good news to make it able to control my Yeelight

I just sent our publication request to SmartThings team, once approved, you can control your Yeelight devices through SmartThings.

Please have some patience.


Thanks a lot looking forward to this

Weiwei doesn’t sound like a good news

Shame on SmartThings!!! Waste me one week for the coding/testing and $99 on a stupid HUB . The only thing that is still useful to us are the 4 AA batteries in the package …

Actually I also contacted them for a official integration, but the response is that they don’t have a plan to work with companies outside US and South Korea …

It’s sooooo disappointing.

That is great to see! Look forward to seeing this being approved by Smartthings.

I have a feeling, in few years Samsung will come knocking on your door!

I see a great potential for both Xiaomi and Yeelight! I’m hoping to see more global rollout at 2018 CES.

Weiwei if your code is open source can’t you just make it available in github so that we can install the smart apps or device handler ourself like other xiaomi sensors that I am using?


I think that’s a good way to distribute the code via Github. It would be faster than the official publishing route. Smartthings have pulled back from official publishing as shown above. Be interesting if it is approved as I know a number of their community developers are waiting to be published. Let’s hope Yeelight are happy with publishing via Github like the rest of the community developers. There are benefits to non-technical users to have it officially published so understand why Yeelight have chosen that route.

The problem is that our device is cloud connected model that requires confidential data (think it as a login password to the server) to be used to access the cloud. These information can’t be revealed, otherwise, anyone can access our cloud and did some bad things. Xiaomi sensors are Zigbee device, they don’t have to go through cloud, instead they can work with SmartThings directly.

Actually we have opened every line of code, however, you can’t use these codes because you don’t have the key.

I am just not sure if we could just use our own login credentials to xiaomi cloud instead of a key embedded in your code, just like Amazon Alexa asking us to login in the Yeelight/xiaomi account ?

The account linking used Oauth protocol. When you use Oauth, you need to provide some key and secret to the 3rd party (for Alexa case, it’s Amazon. Amazon will keep our key and secret and it will make sure this pair is not exposed to anyone else). For SmartThings, we would expect them to keep the secret pair, however, now they don’t allow the integration and therefore they won’t hold the pair for us.

Sounds like there is no way around it too bad smartthings

Makes complete sense. Thanks for explaining. We’re all keen to see this get approved!

I will contact them again for the integration, hopefully we will make it.

I’ve post in a couple of places on their community forum - linked to Yeelight queries. Hopefully generates enough interest that it’s reviewed. There is definitely interest from users. Thanks again!

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