Smartthings support


Weiwei I tried to use ifttt and smartthings together it kind of works as a virtual switch for Yeelight I don’t expect any good news from smartthings for official integration


Weiwei any progress with smartthings? Thanks


We have finished our side but SmartThings suspended all the 3rd-party integration request, so we are just waiting for their update.


I think this question isn’t SmartThings related but not sure where else to ask it. Is there any plans to set up a integration with the Wink hub?


If we set our bulbs to developer mode, then surely we can create a smartthings device handler to control? We would not need to contact the cloud? I am trying to cobble this together, however, I am far from an accomplished developer. Is there any decent code that you can point me at to use as a starting point. I am most keen to ensure the interaction is two way. (ie get the device properties available in smartthings)

I set up node-red and successfully controlled a light using the npm published yeelight nodes. So I am pretty sure this is feasible.

I have also posted this in smartthings


So. First challenge, The Yeelight uses for discovery. Smartthings expects port 1900. I cant see anyway to override this in Smarthings,

Anyone have any clever suggestions? or pointers?

Could the yeelight make this port configurable for developer mode>


We have investigated the local integration method, however, Smarthings require a standard Upnp and Soap afterwards, this means we need to upgrade all our firmware to support the heavy protocol. However, for some resource constrained device, it’s impossible to achieve that.


I have been trying to have response from smartthings about the approval but there is no reply so far don’t understand why they not allow it


Ok Understand. Thanks for your time…I will pursue a node.js bridge type solution.

Ideally, I would prefer to use any code that you may have to handle the Yeelight interactions commands. So any non-secret code you can point me at would be very appreciated


If you want to use a node.js bridge, please check out homebridge-yeelight plugin written for homebridge.


Hi there, Does this work with Smarthings yet?


Unfortunately no and smartthings has been silent about the approval, very disappointing


Ok…I have a working set up…it is probably not robust, but if anyone would like to try it

Needs a nodejs server running and at the moment, probably wont work on nodejs on windows.(ie you will need a Linux box eg pi)…if anyone needs it to work on windows, Let me know


Thanks for that thinking of getting a raspberry pi for that though I may try it on my NAS first


Anyone got it working on Pi 3? My test on NAS failed due to some missing command in QTS


I developed it on a raspberry pi 3 using jessie light raspbian


Great my raspberry pi 3 shipped today


@weiwei I am not sure if this is new for smartthings but seems this is the official way


Any news about official support? :slight_smile:


we have given up the integration with smartthings. we have finished all the coding jobs, however, smartthings shutdown their open integration policy. we don’t want to fill out the stupid partnership request and pass all the review process.