Scenes in Alexa

I have issues with Alexa using the Yeelight scenes. Everything worked fine until today, where the Alexa app got updated. In the Alexa app there are now duplicates of each scene, but neither of them works.


I have the same problem with google assistant and IFTTT. Commands work fine for individual lights, but scenes aren’t working at all anymore. Scenes were working fine before.

Yup, I have the same problem too. After the update, the Yeelight Scenes are now correctly detected as scenes in Alexa App, while previously they where detected as devices. However, even though Alexa Says “ok” nothing is done, the scenes don’t work.

Also, for some reason old scenes that I have removed from Yeelight app still appear in Alexa App and I can’t find a way to remove them.

Same issue here and I can’t remove them. Tried disabling the skill, uninstalling the Alexa app, disabling the duplicate scene but nothing works. Very annoying

Same here. I did manage to delete the scenes trough web but new scenes don’t work. I did buy 2 new light bulb and I was thinking that was the problem but apparently not.

we are checking the issue, could you confirm that all of you are on US server?

Issue fixed, please try again

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I’m on Singapore server - working fine again now…thanks for the quick fix!

I’m also on Singapore server, but nothing changed for me. Still having that issue.

Could you forgot them and discover again?

Tried that in the Alexa app and that doesn’t work or do you mean in the Yeelight app?

Are you still seeing duplicated scenes in Alexa? Could you trigger the scene successfully in Yeelight app?

I’m still seeing duplicates in Alexa, but can trigger the scenes in Yeelight, so nothing changed for me.

Could you see the duplicated scene in Yeelight app?

could you provide your xiaomi ID?

The duplicates are only in the Alexa app. My ID is: 1669371285

Still the same issue for me, I renamed all the duplicate scenes to ‘Duplicate’ and disabled them but alexa still complains. Re-discovering scenes does not fix the issue. The yeelight app is fine though, no duplicate scenes in there and I can turn scenes on and off via the app. My ID is: 1730502203 (Singapore server BTW)

I am in the Singapore server too and the scene works now.
The Yeelight app works correctly, I have only 1 scene. However in the Alexa App, it remembers my old scenes even if I have deleted them from the Yeelight app. As a workaround, I renamed all my unused scenes/devices to “old” and disable them in the Alexa App. But it would be better if we could delete them completely from the Alexa App


I have found a way to fix this. Go to (or .com depending on where you are). If you are navigating there from a mobile don’t forget to ‘request desktop site’ using the options in the top right (otherwise it will say download the app). From there click Smart Home -> Scenes and then forget the duplicate scenes. I eventually did a ‘Forget all’ and re-added my groups in the app. All works fine now.

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I had made a mock request by your mid,but it response nothing.It seems that you had delete all your scenes? So, is it still duplicated scenes now? Can you try the way what mbxmag provide.