Scenes in Alexa


Hey Sheldon,
I did what mbxmag said and it worked.


OK, enjoy it.


Hey! I am facing this duplicate scene issue with Alexa. Not able to fix it by forgetting all from Alexa Website and linking back the Yeelight skill! Some help please. :frowning:


my MI ID is 1579307950


I also have the problem with the duplicates in alexa when I add a new scene or delete one.
But the the weirdest problem I have is that if I tell Alexa to turn a scene on sometimes she does and sometimes she doesnt (most of the time doesnt).
Can you help me?


@Soumyadeep @SmashNoLag

Please have a check if you set scene in other servers, Alexa will query all the scenes from US/Singapore/Germany servers.




I have a problem with alexa app to communicate with my yeelight, it does connected but somehow the scene is not working, it is not discoverable at all. please do help me…

my yeelight id is 1907845606. in singapore server