Scenes in Alexa


Hey Sheldon,
I did what mbxmag said and it worked.


OK, enjoy it.


Hey! I am facing this duplicate scene issue with Alexa. Not able to fix it by forgetting all from Alexa Website and linking back the Yeelight skill! Some help please. :frowning:


my MI ID is 1579307950


I also have the problem with the duplicates in alexa when I add a new scene or delete one.
But the the weirdest problem I have is that if I tell Alexa to turn a scene on sometimes she does and sometimes she doesnt (most of the time doesnt).
Can you help me?


@Soumyadeep @SmashNoLag

Please have a check if you set scene in other servers, Alexa will query all the scenes from US/Singapore/Germany servers.