Problems with setting up Google Assistant

Here’s what I’m doing:

  • Open Google Assistant settings
  • Select Services > Home Control
  • Add Device > Yeelight Actions

A Xiaomi webpage opens in Uzbek (can’t change language). I log in using Xiaomi credentials, and I can’t continue after this page:

I don’t understand the language in the picture you attached. But I assume “Kirish” means OK, what happen if you click that button?

The problems is I don’t understand that language either (!). There’s no reason why I shouldn’t see the Xiaomi page in my language.

When I press the button, nothing happens and I can’t continue.

Could you try replicating the steps I described above and see if you also have the same problem?

It turn out either in Chinese or in English for me.

Why should I not be getting the language of my region? I don’t have VPN or anything else.

Are you able to complete the setup, because I can’t.


EDIT: See screenshot of landing page:

“Yeelight” text is in one language, other stuff is in Portuguese (the language I expect). And then it just reloops the page.

Which part is not in the language you expect?

The “Yeelight” text - the orange and black text at the top.

And like I say, I’m not able to complete the setup, because it reloops the page.

Just got your point. “Yeelight” is our brand, only in English.

Please send me your account.

I just PM’ed you. Thanks!

Check my reply.

Same Problem here:

When i try to allow google assistant to get access to the xiaomi account, after i log in in my xiaomi account nothing happens and i return back in the google assistant setup page.

I’m sorta glad to see it’s not just me.

Maybe @coasterli can provide more help?

Yes, will do and let you know. @StePo71 Could you please also PM me with your xiaomi account?


Just received your PM and realized you have connected all your devices to Mainland China server. Google actions service and alexa skill only support Singapore server so far, will support US server soon, but no plan to support mainland china server.

Ok, I understand that, but I wonder if the setting up the google assistant is not finished because I have my bulbs set to china server?
Would it finish if I had set up one bulb for singapore server?

Thank you.

Like I wrote you, I’m connecting to Singapore, not China. Still having the problem.

I don’t think that’s same issue. @StePo71 could you please share a screen capture of the page you get after login?

I think it is. Both @StePo71 and I get to the login page and then not able to complete the setup because it reloops the page. (Besides my note that the page shows up in a different language.)

Yes indeed. After the login page I end up in the Google Assistant settings.

and then I end up here again:

Please try to connect to the Singapore server to control it, and wish you success!