Problem with last firmware update (Bedside WiFi)

After last firmware update, my Bedside WiFi once a day it disconnects from MiHome app (Device offline).

The only way to reactivate is remove the plug and insert it again.


I have exactly the same problem. Also the Bedside lamp is “unavaillable” in home assistant !

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This was a problem with the third to last version of the firmware and was solved with the second to last version. Lets hope developers read this post and fix it as fast as last time.

@wolf1012 @nikandgr @Crazler8

Please provider your mi account, we will add u to the white list to update firmware.

Mi account id 1774846227. Thanks

I also need this update - Account ID:1759159263

me too please. the newest firmware disabled also telnet to use the api.

ID via PM

@jojoro @nikandgr

Done, please have a try tomorrow.

Am I in the whitelist already?
My ID 1546985877

Hi, this is my MI ACCOUNT ID: 1681999230

Thanks for your help.

Same problem in HA!


Please whitelist my ID, too: 1658056936


Please, add me too 4151214965

@crash.ntech @boggiano @wolf1012 @maurizio

Done, you can try to update firmware tomorrow. Any question let me know.

Hello i have 2 Bedside and i have same problem, goes offline and i must to unplug plug the power to reconnect on WiFi.
My ID XIAOMI IS 1744262486. Thankyou

I have a similar problem too.
Sometimes I have to unplug the power supply to reset the lamp.
moreover the shutdown with the miband 2 works only a couple of times after the reset. after not recognizing sleep detection anymore.

my XIAOMI ID is 1712911882


Got both firmware, but for bedise lamp i still have problems enabling LAN control… the switch does not go to ON if i press it…

Also the Bedside lamp turn off lan control after reboot, it’s very bad.

Hi, I have exactly the same issue. Since the last firmware upgrade, my 2 bedside lamp don’t work correctly. LAN control the switch does not go to enable.
Here my Xiaomi ID 1810636280

I am on German server and I didn’t receive the firmware.
Do I need to be on China server?

I am on 1.5.5_0166 firmware.

@Dominick_DD @Jagstang @rusudanion

Done, you can try to update firmware tomorrow. Any question let me know.