Problem with last firmware update (Bedside WiFi)


hi. same for mine. it doesnt really work after updating to the latest firmware. Please help. My ID is 318564558


Hello Update received, in test now.thank you


I got the firmware _0167
I had to switch to China server.
I had a BIG lag in order to have the LAN MODE enabled but now everything is working fine: no more “device unavailable” from Home Assistant.

Thank you very much for your work! :grin:


I also have problems with two lamps after latest update, please send me a new version. My Mi account ID is 4150698078.


I am on China Mainland and yesterday i got 1.5.5_0167


Same problem with me. My ID is: 80397549


Thanks for the reply. I followed and updated my firmware. Lan Mode toggle is slightly buggy but I got it to work in the end. Thanks!


Hi, I also discontent my ceiling 1, and my ceiling 3 sometime can’t control with controller.
In home-assistant It always log error: unable to update bulb ststus, bulb closed the connection.
I’m in china, and on both china server in mi-home & yeelight APP.
my ACCOUNT ID is 124932101.


Topic about BEDSIDE WIFI and you write about ceiling?? Also, homeassistant works in LAN mode, nothing to do with the server you are on or Yeelight or mi-home…


Same problem here with my two Bedside…can you help me with last firmware? My ID is 1741686430
Thank you so much


I also have problems with two lamps after latest update, please send me a new version. My Mi account ID is 1627169798.


I have the same Problems. Please also add me for the new Firmware. Account ID 1600403036


I followed this topic and because of the problems i decided not to update the firmware so i am still at the 1.5.5_0164 version that used to work perfectly. However, recently i find out that i am experiencing the same problem as the other users despite the firmware version.

The thing that makes me think is that meanwhile i have updated the app to the latest version. May this be a problem related to the app or the servers instead of the firmware??


There’s a new version coming soon, which includes several connectivity related bug fixes. Stay tuned. Will call for beta test once it’s ready.


I’ve got severe connectivity problems with HA.
I can’t see my bedside anymore.
My account id is 521065361.

Thanks a lot in advance.


my bedside is unavailable on HA.
My account id : 1578599017.



HA leverages our local control protocol and if you can’t see your devices, please check from HA side, providing your xiaomi ID is not helpful.


After last update, there are problems again.

Lamp start but is unusable. All the push buttons doesn’t work.

Please check.


I’ve updated the firmware to and it is impossible to swich lan control on! Please correct the issue


Hi, I have exactly the same issue. Since the latest frimware. LAN control the switch does not go to enable.
Here my Xiaomi ID 97560557