Only chinese in MiHome app

Why is the Yeelight Ceiling in the MiHome app in chinese and the rest of the yeelight bulbs are all in english?

It’s not fully translated yet, will solve this issue as soon as possible.

Could you post a screen capture here?

Maybe I wasn’t as specific as i should’ve been. Chinese text appears when I try to set up a scene for a gateway connected device and yeelight ceiling in the MiHome app

Here’s the screenshot

same for lightstrip as well. i use bulb as my reference and navigate down to lightstrip, i know now what’s on or off in Chinese (simplified chinese?).


her you go :smiley:

Hi, Yeelight is not owner of MiHome app, we can push XiaoMi to update resources of the page.

Push them please since they got the bulbs in english already so it shouldn’t be an issue translating the ceiling light aswell

anyone knows where is the official mi home app forum or website where we could lend more voices?

I will take a look at it and let you know.

I will take a look at it and let you know.

@blakadder @kittikat

Per design, Automation is only supported for Mainland china users. So, most of that part is not translated.

I have talked to MiHome owner, they will translate automation related resources ASAP.

Please stay tuned.

do they have a forum where users can talk to them too (provide feedback)?
If not, I (and many others) would like to pass the message to MiHome developer that currently having to setup devices split between China and Singapore servers are a PITA, frustrating and render a lot devices non-automated. Could they allow all devices to work in both servers or allow automation (IFTTT, Alexa) to recognize both China and Singapore servers? thanks.

I heard they are working on globalization work recently. They will deploy US and EU servers and after that, they will support more devices on international servers.

Still nothing. Can I get translated screenshot at least?

You can translate it by performing the following steps:

  1. Take a screenshot, select upload the image to
  2. Choose “Chinese Simplified” and “Chinese Traditional”
  3. Click on “Upload + OCR”
  4. A text box at the bottom page will show the recognised Chinese text.
  5. Select these text and copy paste it in Google Translation (auto detect languague)
  6. Yeeliight Ceiling app translated options (approximately):

switch on
swittch off
Brightness +
Brightness switching
Color temperature +
Color temperature -
Color temperature switch
Turn on night light mode
Turn off night light mode
Open or switch the degree of shell
Open or switch color temperature
Adjusting the degree of shell

Can’t believe there is no TOGGLE on/off for ceiling???

Any update on this ?

Almost A YEAR since the problem still persists. Are you going to fix it or not?! Push Xiaomi’s devs harder!