Only chinese in MiHome app


+1. I bought a few days ago the lightstrip and the automation page is in Chinese, it odd, because the RGB light is fully translated. How is it possible to stay that way after months of release?


Sorry for the problem. Will check it today. Thanks for your feedback!



We checked automation page of lightstrip, it’s in English.

What language did you select for your system?


@abbath @nunofos

It will be helpful if you provider some screenshot about Chinese translation, version of miHome you use and system language your choose.



As you can see, region is set to China, language English. LED stripe and Ceiling light 650 are in Chinese.


Well, I’m feeling a little dumb right now.

You’re right, now is in English, it’s strange. Luckly, before I taked a screenshot to translate, but now I am not sure if it is from the Automation page or not.

It is possible this is pre-update and I didn’t take attencion, sorry.

This is why I like Yeelight, it’s the only company I know that is prompt to help right away.

Keep the good work.


Thanks for your feedback. Will look into it.


I played for the first time in Android Studio :slight_smile: Want to create something, but this is as far as I got, hopefully there will be progress. Anyways, This app for the time being displays info grabbed from the Xiaomi Gateway. So you are able to see everything the gateway does. Not much, but I reckon it might be useful to someone if debugging whether Gateway commands to lights etc works.

I would like to make a widget to display more info (becaouse MiHome doesn’t have any widgets!!), but since I am still learning Java… :slight_smile: