Ok Google (voice commands) with Yeelight RGBW

I want to ask if someone could help me or tell me if there’s a way to control the bulbs with voice recognition. (Maybe tasker +autovoice would work?)

Thanks for the help

I found a way, I will make a tutorial about this.

Can you show us?

Ok Google (voice commands) with Yeelight RGBW,how to do that?

安装yeelight app,可以在tasker插件里找到,然后设置就可以了,需要yeelight后台运行。

-Tasker Now
1-Activate Ok Google recognition on every screen.
2-Open tasker.
3-Create new event, plugin ,tasker now. Edit the voice command on tasker now.
4-After you create the profile you would need to create a new task. Enter the name of the task. Select Yeelight and select the device and the task.
5- Try it

A quick video about it:

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我不想yeelight后台运行,使用了“PreventAvtivity”app,现在没有找到通过SecureSetting直接启动yeelight Activity的方法。

I also do so, and now the problem again.
I do not want to run yeelight in the background, using the “PreventAtive” app, and now I can not find a way to start the Yeelight Activity directly via SecureSetting.

Actually, you don’t need to launch yeelight activity, just configure your task with specific device and action.

Tasker intent will be sent to Yeelight app, even it’s not running in background. And there is action executor in Yeelight app which could handle the action.

I’ve tried going that but to no avail. Can you give more detailed instructions? Also, I’m using Tasker Now free edition and it is impossible to get the Pro Version from the Dubai Google Play store. I would really appreciate your assistance.

I found slightly different approach; Since IFTTT is a joke, but is the only app that has perfect Google Assistant (OK Google) integration, I found a way to use only the trigger part of IFTTT and use Tasker which is much more flexible etc to control the lights.

You need:

  1. Yeelight app (free)
  2. Tasker (approx. 4$ US)
  3. IFTTT (free)
  4. AutoNotification (addon for tasker - approx 1.5$ US)

How it works?

  • Set IFTTT recipy to listen for “phrase with text ingredient”. In the label, put “Command $”. Command is something you will say, the $ is the rest of the text. Under “action” set “Send notification from IFTTT app” and for value set i.e. IFTTT_NOTIFICATION {{TextField}}. That is all from IFTTT part. This will send notification with text IFTTT_NOTIFICATION plus any text you say.

  • In Tasker, create an event with AutoNotification to capture notifications from IFTTT with text IFTTT_NOTI.

  • Grab the notification text from variable %antxt and parse so you remove the IFTTT_NOTIFICATION part. The rest is your command. (requires basic Tasker knowledge)

It is pretty easy to then turn on/off the bulbs, etc set whatever you want from Tasker by creating tasks with YeeLight addon for Tasker.

The beauty of this approach is that you don’t have to say exact phrase. You can use regular expressions to search for words in your command and execute what you want.

I.e. I search for “turn” and if word “turn” is found, i search for on or off. Then I search for name of bulb, i.e. lamp, kitchen, diner, living room etc. So because you are searching only for individual words, you can use any construction you like! I can say “OK Google, Command Please would you be so kind to turn on the light in the diner”. “OK Google” runs assistant, “Command” is our keyword to run IFTTT recipy and the rest is just parsed in Tasker. Much more flexible than remembering several exact phrases. You only have to know names of your bulbs/iights and use words on, off and turn (which is logical).

If anyone is interested I can go into more details, but this is the principle.

Ahh, and I almost forgot. You can be on the Chinese server :slight_smile: Since we are not operating Yeelights directly from IFTTT but only sending notification to your phone, you can be on Chinese server, because the commands are issued by your PHONE, not by IFTTT…


I would like to make this work. But I am new to tasker and would like to ask if someone who has got this to work could help me with a step by step installation guide.

Thank you.

Why not google assistant on your phone?

Because Google Assistant does not work at the moment (see http://forum.yeelight.com/t/problems-with-setting-up-google-assistant/1754/20 ) and i would like to keep the option to control the lights with the xiaomi magic cubes, too (I need to be on China server for this to work)


Automation feature will be deployed on SG and US server soon, then you can switch your device to SG or US server.

That’s really good.
Any Update, when this will be possible?

But for now i would like to use Tasker with voice commands.