Offline issue

Hi, I have 3 ceiling lights (4th one in the box) and few white and color bulbs.
I use the Yeelight app and singapore server. All on latest FW (rechecked on China server through the Mi Home app)

Problem is, bulbs all work perfect no issue, but the ceiling lights all get eventually into offline mode and I have to manually turn them off and on.

Remotes work, but the Yeelight app thinks that the devices have no power.

My router DIR880l should be able to handle the “load” and as said, bulbs work perfectly. I can add more and they will work.

Any body any idea? Thanks for any help

This makes no scene, does your router have some schedules to reboot? And how many times do the ceiling lights get offline?

Thank you for a reply.
No my router does not reboot on a schedule.
I guess once daily I have to manually turn them off and on.
As said, all Light bulbs work perfectly and I added 2 more today and still working.
Only issue are the ceiling lights.

How long did you set the DHCP lease duration?

Please try to modify that duration and check if the offline issue has something to do with that.

7 Days on my home network router. But even if this was the case. Why it does not affect the other bulbs (8) ? Just the Ceiling Lights? (All 3 of them…).

Anyway I do not think it it actually my home network DHCP, but the IPs router and lease time but that’s something I can’t check and change. (just seen on my home network router IP was given 1 day ago, exactly at the time, they stopped working). Will try to unplug the router after work to see if it happens that way too.

Is there a proper resolution for this? I’m having the exact same issue (Ceiling light is shown Offline on the app while it’s working with the remote and needs to be switched off and on from the wall switch to reconnect).

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I did not find out what the cause was. Because sometimes it holds up for a longer, sometimes it stops 2 times a day. I do not think it is the lease. (even if it is, I am not able to set it up … as its not my router… but the ISP one). Thinking it might be network issues, coming from ISP, that NONE of my other devices experience (phones, pcs, other Yeelight bulbs, or Xiaomi security products). There was a small update on it - no change.

I have given the Ceiling light a static IP from my router. Therefore, I also feel that it’s not a DHCP related issue.

What’s even more frustrating is that if the light goes offline, it misses the schedule on/off times as well. Given that I have to reconnect the device on a daily basis, it really is not at all useful :frowning:

Yeelight Staff please help!

which server are you using? when you found it’s offline next time, could you try to ping it? so we could know whether it’s caused by local network or by your ISP network.

It’s the Singapore server.
What’s the IP of the server to ping?

Since the server seems unreliable, I setup a local Node-Red and setup a trigger to turn on the light. I have’t quite worked out Node-Red scheduler yet. But, at least, I found that it can be used to turn on/off the lights when the app shows the light to be offline.

@weiwei after I loose internet and get it back
Yeelight bulbs color and white, strip light, all xiami products I have with the gateway and without and all other devices that connect to my wifi 30 device (as of writing the message) have no issue to reconnect.

However after an Internet - outage, Yeelight Ceiling light is offline and has to be turned of and on to connect.

I understand you want to pin this to my local network. I believe I could have a bad router too. But again so many times said. I have countless products that have not this issue, even from you Yeelight (color, white, strip etc).

@nedamdam What I want to do is do some debugging, so we could know what’s the root cause. Please help clarify following issues so we can assist you.

  1. By internet outage, do you mean your ISP issue and you have no internet connection but local network is good?
  2. Can you reproduce this issue easily? Maybe by removing the uplink cable from your router?
  3. Please ping your ceiling light when you see this issue, this is to make sure the local network is good, so we could check our server side instead of check the firmware side.
  4. What is your mi account?


thanks so much for the help. I really do appreciate it :slight_smile:

  1. Exactly local network good, ISP down
  2. Yes, I turned of my ISP router, local one was still on, everything stayed with IP’s, all lights came online, ceiling lights stayed offline
  3. Pinging it through the whole process, (-t) connected ISP, disconnected ISP, reconnected ISP, no change in the pings. Light’s were connected to the Local router the whole time.
  4. nedamdam

Thanks for your info! We will reproduce it here and see what’s going on.

I’m interested in a solution as well as I have same issue with Yeelight Ceiling - goes offline randomly, sometimes after 1 day, sometimes after 1 week. The problem is that isn’t reconnecting by itself - when you actually want to use the phone to command it, you can’t. Frustrating…

@nedamdam @florinsim I have fully resolved this with Node-Red. If running a local server is not an option for you, please check out IFTTT ( which also has Yeelight bindings. I haven’t tired the IFTTT option myself, but if it does work then it also proves that the issue is not local but with Yeelight server.

Sorry: IFTTT option doesn’t work as well.
Please consider using Node-Red (
I’ve set it up to

  1. turn on/off on a schedule with random delays (to give the illusion that the light is being manually turned on to a burglar)
  2. forcefully turn off, if it turns on during the day after a power failure
  3. Also have a quick turn on, so that I don’t to use the app to turn on from my phone (requires me to open the browser on my phone though)

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.
I was thinking on IFFT as well (also for other things) but didn’t get the time to play with it. I’ll try Node-Red as advised.
But then, part of the buying decision on Yeelight is the app functionality, that’s not there (not all the time at least, or better said not when you need it). Workaround may exist (and thank you for sharing it) but I want functionality as promised :slight_smile:
I know, i’m spoiled :smile:

I have the same issue.
i have 2 ceiling lamps, one white and one yellow( for kids)

i see the same issue of offline on the white one only,
the yellow works perfectly.
I am connected to china server.
user name gesha
hope you could resolve this issue.

on the lamp there are 2 connectors, N and L.
does it matter if i connect the switch to N or L?

thank you