Offline issue


Hi all,
I tried something yesterday and it seems to help.
I looked at the connections again and noticed that i connected the N wire to L on the lamp,
So after connecting the N wire to N connection and the wire from the switch to the L on the lamp,
and so far it stay connected.
will update you.


gesha_s so basically, your issue had nothing to do with the issue we are all facing and was just faulty wiring on your part… :slight_smile:

we still are waiting for a fix for our issue. (Temporary internet drop out, leads the Lamp not able to reconnect to the Server)


Hello, same issue here : I have a Yeelight RGB and a ceiling light, connected to the Chinese server and controlled via the Yeelight app. Everything is up to date, but as soon as I add the ceiling light, it is displayed as offline. The remote works.

Any clue ?


I’m having exactly the same issue with my Mi LED Desk Lamp. It goes “offline” a couple of times a week, seemingly at random, although it’s still connected to my network (is on my routers DHCP client list). Disconnecting and reconnecting the power plug temporarily fixes this (until the next random disconnect, that is).

I think I started noticing this around the time when the Mi Home app got a rework a couple of months back (i’m using the Chinese server).


An issue with BLE that could cause the whole device to go offline was spotted recently… there’s a fix now. No idea if it’s the same issue with what you saw. We will release the fix with a couple of other enhancements and features ASAP. But if you are interested in a beta version, feel free to contact me :slight_smile:


Any news, when the fix will be available?


Same problem here.
Using Singapore server, have 3 ceilling lghits , eventually goes offline somtime after a day sometime after few hours


Having the same issue as well after upgrading to the latest firmware. From Singapore.

Tried resetting but the same issue occurs, light will auto switch off after leaving it on.


The fix is scheduled for test. Since QA team is a little overloaded now, let’s hope to see it released by the end of next week.


Any update on the firmware update? Still facing the same issue. Thanks!


The update is in QA, will be available very soon.


Can you define “very soon” a little more accurately?



Same problem here. I have no issue connecting my yeelight bulb through Mi Home app, but after a while it goes offline. Very frustrating.
I’m using the Mainland China server as I need my xiaomi switches to interact with my bulb.

I need some help on this please. Will the update fix this behavior? Will it be deployed soon?



already submit to app store for review. Suppose will be put to live in two days.


Hi, all,

Sorry for the inconvenience. We have fixed an issue recently that could leave ceiling lamps offline under conditions. The new version is under test for now and could go online within 2-3 weeks. But if anybody wants to get it earlier than that, you are more than welcome to ask and provide your xiaomi ID.

Yeelight ceiling Light does not work
My lamp gets off and on

Hello! I have got the same problem but with the RGB Bulb.
Will it work for me too?
ID: 1676308393


Sorry but this fix is valid only for ceiling lamps. There’s no update for bulbs yet.


Hi! But is there a known problem with the bulbs? My has the similar problem, i turned off last night and in the morning, it does not turn on, i restarted the router and tried to reset it, wich did not work.


Hi, do you mind sharing with us below information so that we could test and reproduce the situation?

  1. the brand and model name of the router
  2. the WiFi channel selected, lease time
  3. the distance between bulb and router
  4. the number of devices connected to this router



Any update for this offline issue? Been almost a month already and the issue is still occurring.