Notification-like Scenes

Hello everyone,
I have just recieved and installed 3 color LED bulbs and I love them so far.
I have tried some things with IFTTT and that’s great as well. What I did not manage to do: On a trigger, say a stream I follow goes live on, I want the bulbs to flash purple 3 times and then go back to the color they previously had on. If they were off, they should turn off again.

Is that possible as of now? In IFTTT I can make them turn to a scene but then they are going to stay in that scene without going back. No flashing possible.

If anybody could give me some information here, I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you!

It’s not possible so far. But it will in 3.0, which will has big change.

When you say 3.0, do you mean a software ? Or a new hardware version ?

Yeelight app. We will keep updating software, including firmware and application, to provide more features.

Thank you! I will be patient. Notification like triggers will make this the best bulb there is. Also, the quick support in here has been impressive. Who needs Phi***ps anyway.

Cheers !

I will add notification like scene into recommend scenes.

Flash Notify scene has been released.

Please try and let me know if you got any problem.

Hello, where would I find that ?
I’m using the iOS app - could it be that it takes a while to get the update there ? Because there is none as of now.
Thanks !

Do we have any control over the amount of flashes, the intestity, the colour etc? Also the scene doesnt go back after the flash is over…
Can you send those options to IFTTTT please

Which product you were using?

The Flash Notify scene only has three flashes with 70% brightness and 4000K color temperature by default.

Yes, can we change the settings off this scene, or add a new mode like flow? At the moment I dont really see much use in this because I cant go back to the current state it was before.

That scene is configured to restore previous state once complete. But we found there is a bug, that it could only work when the bulb is open before this scene applied. Which means, if it was closed, the bulb will keep open; if it was open, the bulb will restore to previous color/brightness once the scene complete.

We will fix that issue with firmware upgrade.

I had it on Night mode scene, set it to flicker mode. And after the flicker mode it went back to the default setting of white. Im running android.

Yeelight App, iOS, IFTTT, Yeelight RGB Bulbs.

But anyway, Could we get an IFTTT Action of “Blink Lights, turn lights on and off” “Flash: Flash your light with this color temperature and return to previous state”

@Blacksus kill Yeelight app and try again. There might be cache data.

@coasterli I dont see it anywhere in the app - could you walk me trough ? Does it matter that I’m on the signapure server ?

I think i’ve found another bug. I Goto favourite -> Romane (Or any flow scene) -> Flicker (At this point it returns to the state before romance) -> I exit out of Favorite menu and then press Flow on the bottom, and I get the flicker effect again.

What do you mean “this color temperature”? A color temperature preassigned by IFTTT rule OR current color temperature running on your bulb?