Notification-like Scenes


Nevermind, I found it. WIll try now. Thanks!


Yes, you are right. Flicker is actually a color flow scene.


Looks neat! However, is there an option to change color instead of moving the brightness up/down ? For example if we start at normal white color and the scene gets triggered, it goes purple -> white -> purple -> white -> purple -> white


I meant if I have a color flow scene set as the previous state before activating flicker, then after flicker it wont return to that previous state and the next time I goto flow it will start the flicker effect again.

Are you able to provide us a way to edit the scenes like what is achieved in recommended?


A coulour tempeature preassigned. Here is an example. I get a snapchat, I want my Light to flash Yellow.


A more advanced version for the future, which would be cool is saying something like Only flash yellow if the light is in this scene. So you dont get flashing all night long whilst your trying to sleep :stuck_out_tongue:


We will provide fully customized color flow edit in next generation app. You can make anything you like as your own notify effect.

Before that, just endure this one. :slight_smile:


Sounds good, I appreciate it ! Youre doing such a good job, keep it up :slight_smile:


Yes, we will. But not now. :slight_smile:


You can also try the new added Candle Flicker effect, which is added on demand of some guy in the other thread.


helo coasterli


the flash notify scene is not running when there was a notification on my phone… can you tell me how to fix this ? thanks


The flash notify scene is just a scene, you need to setup with IFTTT, tasker or some other tool to make it ACTUALLY interact with a notification.


the IFTTT app not detect my bulb


the ifttt app not detect my bulb


Which server did you select in Yeelight app? Mainland china server doesn’t support IFTTT.


my bulb is connected to xiaomi aplifier


my bulb is connected with the xiaomi amplifier, the xiaomi amplifier is connected to the mainland china, if i change the server, the xiaomi amplifier can not work.


No, it will not impact the amplifier. You can simply switch to Singapore server or US server to connect you bulb.