New Xiaomi Ceiling light

Hi has anyone tried out the new version of the Ceiling light?

already ordered it from gb. waiting 2 weeks now. will report back.

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Same here, it should be somewhere in transport.

Let me highjack this topic in the meanwhile. Perhaps someone from Yeelight is reading along. What will be the identifier for this light in the Yeelight API? Is it also ceiling as with the 1st generation ceiling light or does it have another identifier.

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did your ceiling light arrived already?
If so how is it?


Sorry for doing another hijack in this thread:
@coasterli What is the identifier for the Yeelight Desk Lamp?

Yeelight LED Color Bulb: color
Yeelight white Bulb: mono
Yeelight Strip: stripe
Yeelight Desk Lamp: desklamp
MiJia Bedside lamp: bslamp1

I ordered this ceiling lamp on gearbest 1 month ago, and haven´t received it yet!!! The tracking only says “pre-registered”

Same here. I emailed Gearbest about it but get a default response that my item has been shipped on 27/11 with the same tracking code that shows me the item has not been shipped and an explanation that due to the holiday season shipping times are longer than usual. Doesnt look to good.

Mine was shipped on 16/11…looks worser…

finally received today! ordered from gb. (140€) beautiful light! really bright. best feature is the colorful led circle.

Gearbest can sometimes be a pain! But it’s cheaper then Amazon!

I´m still waiting since 16/11.

Mine arrived today. Will hook it up this weekend. Not sure if it actually helped but I threatened to cancel my order through their support ticket system. Shortly after that the track and trace was updated.

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No,I haven’t yet. How is it?

Hi, I have this lamp, it’s fantastic. But I have a small problem - is there an option for the lamp not to switch on in the event of a power failure?

You want it off or keep the state before power failure?

I have her permanently connected to the power supply - I tested the emergency power off. The lamp turns on when the power returns - this is bad, and if I’m not at home? I have a Yeelight bulb and there is an option to turn it off.

We have took consider about it, and there’s a feature of “Default state” to avoid the lamp lights on from power outage.

If you want to turn it on again when you disable “Auto on upon power resumption”, you need switch twice to turn it on.

Unfortunately, the option does not work :frowning: I have set it to turn off, and the lamp still turns on after the power is restored