New Xiaomi Ceiling light


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Works only on the first try (on the first try it does not turn on, but on the next try it turns on). MI ID 1598304945


I have a quick question.
Is this product (Ceiling 650) supposed to be only for China market? is this supported from all Yeelight and Xiaomi Servers?
Gear Best says that there is no support for amazon alexa and google assistant, is that truth?


Every WiFi product supported by any of those servers, as well as google home and Alexa.


Is it possible to add the “turn on and set ambilight” option in the Mi Home app?
There is an option but only for the main light


@dingyichen are there any new information in this case?


This is made by design, if not, user can’t open the lamp if he disable “Auto on upon power resumption”.


Probably I have misrepresented the problem. Again:

  1. “Auto on upon power resumption” - is turned off
  2. Yeelight 650 - is turned off
  3. Turning off the power throughout the house
  4. Turn on the power throughout the house
  5. Yeelight 650 lights up without my intervention - why?

I have a Yeelight bulb / it does not turn on with the same configuration - that’s good!


This should be an issue, I have tested it from our lab, however, it works well.

So could you try enable/disable “Auto on upon power resumption” some times and see what happened. And does the item of “Save light state automatically” work?

Gen 1st bulb has not the item of “Auto on upon power resumption”, if you don’t want the lamp light on after power outage, you can enable “Save light state automatically”, which will remember off state for the bulbs.

  1. I did what you asked for - the lamp did not turn on
  2. “Auto on upon power resumption” has not changed - it is disable
  3. I turned the lamp on and off with the remote control
  4. I turned off and turned on the power throughout the house
  5. Yeelight 650 lights up without my intervention

In summary: the “Auto on upon power resumption” function only works once, even though it is disable at all times

In this configuration the lamp has gone offline several times - but generally unchanged

Additional information. The lamp is controlled by MiHome. Maybe there is a problem here?


Is it possible to restore the lamp’s factory settings? Maybe this will help solve my problem


You can have a try with power on and off 5 times in a row to reset the lamp, then please reconnect it to see if it works :rofl:


Reset unfortunately did not change anything.

By the way, the light bulb has also been reset. In the Mi Home app, I set it as in the picture below and everything works well.

The Mi Home app does not have such settings for the lamp.

Is this a defect in the lamp or a software bug?


Yes, I have mentioned that “Save light state automatically”(it’s the same with Automatic state saving in Mihome) works for the bulb. But it will also remember the state of power off, which means if you power down when the lamp is off, the lamp will stay off when you power on by wall switch.

But there’s another story that lots of uses want a feature to remember the state of the lamp but OFF state, so we made update to support “Auto on upon power resumption” for other devices. The item is only to control the state of the lamp when power on by wall switch. If you disable it, you need to switch wall switch twice to light lamp on.

So I hope I have made clearly about the feature. For the issue of your case, you want to keep off state when you power on the ceiling lamp by wall switch, you should use Yeelight to disable “Auto on upon power resumption”, but it didn’t work. Does it work after reset the lamp and connect it again?

BTW, mihome have less features than Yeelight application.


That would be good. But in my case, this sequence works only once. Then, even though the “Auto on upon power resumption” option is disable, it behaves as it would be in the enable position.

My lamp is permanently connected to the power supply. I use the Aqara wireless control switch.

I will give you an example: I am leaving with my family for vacation, during this time there will be a power failure in my housing estate, after repairing the fault the lamp will automatically turn on :worried: