New Germany server; IFTT / Google Home Integration


Xiaomi Gateway goes online in HK next week, you can try then. At least HK server will have it available.


For my Yeelight devices on the Germany server the Alexa support is working! :v:


Someone knows if German (Europe server for MiHope) will support MiGateway? I have many sensors to connect and I’m not able to see them if I switch to Europe Server (from miHome).

I have more then 30 bulbs and 10 body-sensor and many other Switch-Button…i really hope i can “transfer” my account instead of recreate all the scenes that will make me mad!


There is no German server available in the Mi Home App. There is a Europe server, but I don not know if they are the same.
I have two devices on my german yeelight server. They do not show up in the Xiaomi Mi Home app when I swith to the europe server.
Therefore I think without third party software you are not able to use the xiaomi gateway with the german yeelight server at the moment.

  1. German server in Yeelight app is same server as Europe server in MIhome

  2. Only those products sold in Europe Mi Store will be shown in MiHome app.

  3. Yes, you are right!


Hey! Are so many models in the market but not sure wich are compatible with the German server. Also a oficial store/reseller?


Yeelight Wi-Fi based devices all support German server.