New Germany server; IFTT / Google Home Integration


Do you mean there’s no recommend scenes in control view? We will deploy it today.


I’m sure it is Amazfit, not Amazifit? How is this working in Yeelight app? I thought this worked only with MiHome app.


Any news? Can’t wait to migrate all my Yeelights to a faster senver with Google Home support :slight_smile:


Seems like it’s up and running already. I did “sync devices” in Assistant on my smartphone and passed a simple command to switch off lights - it works!


Are you really sure? :slight_smile: To change server I have to reset 12 Yeelight devices, I don’t think there is any other way :frowning:


I can confirm it for Google Home and IFTTT! They are back now (wasn’t this morning). Switched them to German Servers some days ago.

Thank you Yeelight-Guys! :slight_smile: Now just make it possible to have the lights wake me up with a sunrise based on my default system alarm clock on android without having to adjust the time manually for each single bulb. :wink:


Oh yeah, pretty sure)


Thank you. And what about Mi Home app server? I cannot see German, only Europe server


As was mentioned earlier by the developers Yeelight has nothing to do with Xiaomi. They are the light solutions only team. So, ask Xiaomi about Europe server. Unfortunately they are not as responsive as our great Yeelight developers, so don’t expect anything.


I already know, but I’m not asking to Yeelight developes, but to the users of this forum. I’ve some automations on Mi Home and I don’t want to loose it, so that’s why I’m asking if there is someone who using also Mi Home and on which server.


Europe server in MiHome is located in Frankfurt, it’s the same as the German server shown in Yeelight app.


@LucasRey @sviperz @muhkuhyl

We are working on support ALEXA/GOOGLE HOME/IFTTT for Germany server now.

I think Europe server in Mihome is same with Germany server in Yeelight.


I installed the Yeelight App version 3.1.13 with an APK and switched to the German server. If I create a scene, it is not saved. The screen for the scenes remains as if there has been no scene created.
Anyone else having this problem?


Which scene do you create, customization or favorites?


Since I switched to the German server everything is in German (which is OK, since I am German) but therefore I am not sure what is what.
I tried to create a scene in the menu on the lower left (next to rooms and devices). When I complete the scene creation a grey box appears with “erfolgreich gespeichert”/“successfully saved”, but the scene does not appear anywhere.


We have fixed the issue, please have a try :wink:


Perfect, it works!
I am very happy and very impressed! This has to be the fastest support reaction I have ever experienced! Thank you so much! :grin::thumbsup:


Alexa integration is still not working on the new germany Server. Could you please check it out?


Use sleep as android as your dedaulf clock. You can launch ifttt actions with alarms.


We are still working on supporting Alexa in Germany Server.