New Germany server; IFTT / Google Home Integration

I saw that there was an option to choose for a new server location in germany in version 3.1.13.
As I am from europe this seems a more logic option to avoid the latency in the application from the signapore server.
What about the support for IFTT and Google home on this server?


What is this AMAZIFIT support?
Is it Amazfit? I have Amazfit bip, can I do something with it?

Wanted to ask the same

Was also going to ask the same.

Just updated to latest Yeelight App and resetted my lights and switched over to Germany Server.
IFTTT and Google Home not working.

Is this going to be changed? Is there an ETA?

The same. Home doesn’t work.

@weiwei could you please shed some light on this? Is it temporary for Europe server?

Hey :slight_smile:
I also switched to the German server, and there were no default scenes, also when I created custom scenes they weren’t saved.

I think that’s the risk of being on the beta program :slight_smile:

Jup :slight_smile:
but without beta tests its hard to find bugs, so I’m in :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support to beta testing!

We will update alexa, google home and ifttt service to support Germany server next week.


Thanks for adding the German server! Latency is great. Good to know Google & Alexa integration is coming.

Any ETA on when we get the scenes? It shows an empty page for me.

Yes, thanks for supporting Europe fans, it’s a very big deal! The European server is 3 times faster than Singapore server on response and 2 times faster than US server for me. Well done!

Ok let us know when it’s ready, I will test them with pleasure. Can we copy our current profile from the signapore server to the Germany server ?

What all does what German server support? Any chance the xiaomi gateway will work?

We have nothing to do with xiaomi gateway.

Well done, I’ll switch all my lights to Germany server when it will support Google Home! :slight_smile:

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That’s great! We will get everything ready for De server next week.

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How would that work with miHome then? If I i.e. switch to EU server, will the miHome / gateway be able to see the lights?

i guess most of you guys only have yeelight products and not xiaomi products.
if you have your bulbs as part of your home automation, it won’t help.

but… congrats to yeelight for finally supporting a european server. i hope this is the beginning of something good and i hope that xiaomi will follow this path and start showing some respect to their customers here in Europe too.

We used to support Mi band to enable “automatic sleep” mode with some devices, and now we support AMAZIFIT device to do the same thing.