Motion (human) sensor question

I just got my human sensor and wireless switches, still waiting for the gateway (hopefully will receive it on monday) :slight_smile: so I can’t experiment now, but want to be prepared :slight_smile: and I thought of following scenario:

  • I set human sensor to turn on the light in the kitchen when it detects motion
  • Ofcourse, it should stay ON while there is human presence?
  • If there is no human presence, it should turn off the light after let’s say 30 seconds

I suppose this is possible?

The question is - what if I want to keep the light and OVERRIDE the sensor? Is there a way to tell, hey, now I turned it ON via switch or Yeelight app, and don’t turn it off until I turn off manualy, and if it turns on with human sensor - it should turn off by itself after 30 seconds?


Could you please share your experience when you’ll get the sensors? I’m interested in your same settings.
Plus, I know Gateway and Human sensors, but what’s the use for wireless switch?

Well wireless switch is there so you can turn the light on/off manualy…

In automation you have the following options for motion sensor
Motion detected
No motion has been detected for 2 minutes
No motion has been detected for 5 minutes
No motion has been detected for 10 minutes
No motion has been detected for 20 minutes
No motion has been detected for 30 minutes

So yes you can say
Action 1) If motion is detected then turn on light
Action 2) If motion is not detected for 2 minutes turn of light
Unfortunately you cant set your own time setting (for example 30 seconds).

There are more options like timers, schedules etc that you can use in order to have the functionality you want (maybe i even missed something and you will manage to do exactly what you want).
For example, the lamp i have in the hall right after the front door has the following actions:

  1. If the door opens (door sensor not motion sensor) and the time is between 20:00 and 06:00 then turn on the hall light
  2. If no motion is detected for 5 minutes (motion sensor in hall) then turn off hall light
    You can have similar actions (only with motion sensor) for bathroom etc.
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Thanx for your reply, but can you have separate action to turn it on via Yeelight app or Home app or switch, and then it won’t turn off via sensor?

There are two small wireless switches the round one and the square one (aqara)
Also there is a big wireless switch same as the wall switch (with no wires) but i never got one and i find it pointless

The difference between the two small switches (around 6 dollars each) is that the aqara is newer and seems prettier and you can press it only in the middle (this is both good and bad… good because you cant accidentaly press it and bad because you have to be more precise) and also is better built (you can open it easier to change the battery etc) BUT it only has two actions!!! It supports single click and double click whereas the round (older) one supports 3 actions, single click, double click and long press.
I personally prefer the square switch when i am going to stick it in the wall since it is prettier (they both have a very strong adhesive tape included) and the round switch to use it as a wireless switch around me (to have 3 actions handly beside me) although it would be best if it was the other way around (the round in the wall since you dont need to be precise and the square beside me because i press the round one by mistake many times… but the 3 actions are handy…)
The best use for a switch is to use it with lamp. For example with single click i am sending an ON/OFF tongle to the lamp, with double switch i am changing brightness steps and with long press (when i am using the round switch) i am changing temparature (steps) OR i am sending an on/off tongle to another lamp OR changing scenes.
Another use could be for doorbell (dont need the round for this one) or for emergency button or to turn on off a device using the smart ac socket or using the smart remote. In a few words you can use the actions from the switch to activate any action or scene for any smart device but the main and best usage is for lamps :slight_smile:
The big problem is that in order to use the switch (and the gateway in total) we need to be logged in China server and then we cant have IFTTT/Alexa/Google home support for our lamps…

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You can have as many actions as you want.
In the same lamp (the hall lamp)
I am sending a toggle on/off with the single click (aqara switch)
I am sending brightness step change with the double click (same aqara switch)
I am sending a toggle on/off with the long press (round switch i have for another lamp)
I am sending turn on with the door sensor in specific hours
I am sending turn off with the body sensor when motion is not detected for 5 minutes.
All work together great and you can use the app at the same time without problems.

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stormdreamer, thank you for great explanation, what is the range and the angle of the human body? I don’t want to put it near the kitchen door, and then the light goes off if I’m eating on the table (no movement) :slight_smile:

Again there are two versions. The first original one and the aqara one (they look alike but the aqara has a moving base that you can attach to a wall and also the aqara version has light intensity detection with a built-in sensor that detects brightness). Both versions have a detecting distance of 7 meters and 170 degrees detecting range. Thats pretty wide so it gets almost every movement from side to side.
Usually you put them to a height of 2-2,5 meters (or higher but in an angle). The sensors are VERY small (3-4 times smaller than digoo ones) and work great.

Thank you, which is the common use for light intensity detection? :thinking:
I have to decide if buy original or aqara version, what’s the best?

Dont have the aqara version so i dont know if it is better or if it has any dissadvantages. The use for the light intensity detection i imagine that it would be to see for example if there is a need to turn on the light or not based on the environment light (sun light) etc. Dont really know :slight_smile:

first of all… i must say that the round buttons rock! because they can have 3 actions which is really important for me.

as for the aqara motion sensors… i TOTALLY recommend them for one simple reason…

they have a base which allows you to change the angle of the device one you stick in on the wall.
the xiaomi motion detector doesn’t have that.

as for the light intensity… it is totally useless and this is because… you cannot! set an automation based on the value of light. and this is stupid! for example… the only automation you have with that is “If movement is detected and is dark”
which is stupid!

i want to be able to turn my lights on if light intensity is at 6 for example… not just 1. having that said… NEVER choose the xiaomi motion sensor over the aqara one because it doesn’t have that bracket with it.

finally @dalanik yes you can do what you are asking. if you need help with that let me know

xiaomi’s mi home has a lot of weaknesses (for me) for example… i would like an automation which says “if you have seen movement the past 2 minutes” or… i would like and ELSE condition in the automation scenarios…
finally… the most STUPID thing they have is that you cannot cancel an automation once it starts which is something that it would take me at least 5 minutes to explain to you if you don’t know what i am talking about.

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just to let you guys on a little secret-trick and give you ideas on how to control things that don’t belong to xiaomi’s ecosystem…

i am using xiaomi’s wireless button in my bathroom to turn on/off my water heater which is connected to a SONOFF! switch.
i am not using homeassistant or openhab for that… just TASKER on my android phone.

I’ll pick up the gateway tomorrow so I’ll start playing with this :slight_smile:

I was also wondering, since Xiaomi doesn’t make any radiator vents, if there is a way to use other manufacturer’s vents to i.e. set the heating temperature according to temperature sensors, etc?

Thank you PrimeTeDeV to share your opinion about round button and Aqara switches. :thumbsup:

maybe if you manage to play with the gateway and xiaomi’s ecosystem… you will be able to improve your great addon for Kodi, so that we can turn on/off xiaomi’s smart plugs through there.

you can enable developer / lan mode on xiaomi’s gateway. i want to be able to turn on / off a smart plug which has some lights around my tv and the only solution at the moment is to use openhab and iftt url links which i am calling through your controller :slight_smile:

i am not using lately your addon since i don’t have bulbs for ambiance light behind my tv since Yeelight cannot decide to release the freaking v2 bulbs.

I have the gateway!!! Wow, it is incredible! The human sensor, the cube controler… fantastic! :slight_smile:

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unfortunately i don’t have the cube and i need to order it :slight_smile:
glad you like it

Here is a small demo of cube :slight_smile:

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Many thanks for that explanation. Didn’t realise the Aqara sensor could detect brightness!