Motion (human) sensor question


don’t count on it for automations.
it only has dark or light.


I guess that would be ok to use with the curtain motors provided by Xiaomi?


yeap it should work just fine.
when you do, provide a video of the curtain motors :slight_smile: and the motion detection


Hi…i am a new user here. As per my knowledge the difference between the two small switches is that the aqara is newer and seems prettier and you can press it only in the middle and also is better built. BUT it only has two actions!!! It supports single click and double click whereas the round one supports 3 actions, single click, double click and long press.


Seems like everybody skipped over the 2nd part of the initial question: is there a way to OVERRIDE the sensor’s automation?

Also, can you COMBINE multiple sensor inputs ( when sensor detects motion but only if window is closed)?