Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 not showing red colour

The new mijia bedside lamp gen 2 didn´t show deep red colours like my old yeelight lamp 1. The red colour is not red, is like white with a little orange. What happen? i´m very dissapointed as i sold my old lamp and this seems to be worse.

Note: When I plug the lamp into the wall during one second the colour is deep red, then it changes to the colour I say before. It seems that white leds turns on after that second and ruins the colour. It´s very strange.

It´s firmware related or my lamp is faulty?

If I change the colour directly from the lamp, it seems that the lamp changes from orange to purple, so there is a problem that prevents this colour to be shown.

we had optimize the algorithm to improve the CRI of color, because the deep color’s CRI is very small, it would make eyes tired under long time using.

Ok, but the lamp is not showing red colour!!! It´s like an orange.

Red light preserve night vision, now with your white-orange red pupils get dilated at night. I don´t know if i´m explaining well.

So please consider at least to let us to select deep red to avoid pupil dilatation at night.

Please check the colour palette and correct it.

I create a group with a yeelight bulb to compare the same colour and the problems are with:

1-Dark blue- In the bedside lamp 2 it looks like purple-blue.

2-Red- In the bedside lamp 2 it looks like orange.

Hi, Jlmcr87

maybe you make a confusion, see the relationship between light and pupil from Wikipedia:

the deep color light has lesser lumen, so it looks darker, when you used it in night, you had to try more to see other things.
on the contrary, with a little soft color, first it is brighter, then it has bigger CRI, so it help people easier to see other thing around.

you can get more informations from Wikipedia:

I don´t want the red colour to “look better at things”, I want it also for creating ambiance or to decorate. This new bedside directly lacks from a red colour because it´s orange. For me you ruined the lamp. At least give options to select what I want. Why I can´t select a pure colour? The old bedside lamp can, my old philips living colours can, but this new lamp? If I want to look better at things I have the white mode.

For example red light is used by astronomers to preserve night vision and pupil dilatation, it´s nothing new. Read this:

Definitely there is a problem with the lamp. Today I plugged the lamp into the wall, turned it on and…surprise! it´s red!!! like my old gen bedside lamp.
Then I opened the yeelight app and it appears as offline.

After turning on, off several times, the lamp appears again as online and when i changed the color, and i selected red again in the app…the red dissapears and the white-orange red came back again.

It´s a little strange!

I have news.

As I said the other day when I turn on the lamp, for a second it´s pure red like my old bedside lamp gen 1:

After that second the lamp turns white-orange red and the red dissapears. Also I can hear a buzz sound coming from the lamp when it changes to this new colour.

And sometimes when I turn on the lamp it keeps red as the first photo. Please can you tell me if my lamp is faulty?

Brightness is at 1% in this photos. Captured with the slow motion camera of my xiaomi A1.

the situation you provide, I guess, you may be used to turn on only the lamp without other light source, so in the night, the deep red is better to make a dark atmosphere.

OK, we will consider you advice, and try to work it out.

Next week i´m going to receive a second lamp, so I will tell you if my lamp is defective as i´m suspecting because it dissapears from the yeelight app and it´s making a buzz noise.

The colour selector should be like that, to be able to select Deep/pure colours, for example for creating ambiance.It was better in old firmwares.

I agree wit jlmcr87, the old firmwares for colours are better

Do consider the improvement

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OK, will do that

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Thank you for listening to us!!!

If you need a compare both. I have both the old and new bedside lamp for you to consider with picture if needed

Thanks for listening to our feedback! appreciated!

Finally the buzz sound and the lamp appearing as offline was due to a faulty lamp.

I have a new one that is working perfectly but this are the things that needs an improvement:

  • The lamp is not showing pure colours (white leds are always on).

  • After pairing with the yeelight App, Control LAN and Night mode is on. Specially there is a problem with control LAN, if you disable it, after some time, it´s enabled again.

  • No option to set a default colour every time you turn on the lamp. The lamp remembers your last setting, but if you change the colour, you lose the other. It´s not the same.

The new Lamp also goes offline after changing the colours various times. It seems a firmware issue.

told you. have also one and I cannot use it properly, due to this issue.

hoping, that they will fix it soon.

I´m not sure yet, but as i have seen in another thread there is a problem with the wifi SSID. I have created a guest SSID “MiWifi” without hyphens or dots (my other SSID is NAME_2.4Ghz)and now it seems that the lamp doesn´t disconect. Can you try this?

Anyway the lamp response is very slow.