Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 not showing red colour


I have exactly the same problem. From time to time, red and green is completely missing. Only blue works. All other colors are close to white, yellow, light orange. Seems there is a problem with the hardware. I got that lamp from Gearbest some days ago. Since then it’s the second time, that this problem occurs and I have no idea how I can fix it. Reset and FW update does not help.
Do I have to contact gearbest to replace it? Or are their other ideas to fix it?


Hello, it seems a hardware issue. Could you post a video link to show it?


Here is the link:



I have a very similar problem with this lamp. After 2 days of use, the lamp started strangely shimmering and I noticed that the dark blue had disappeared. When I move the slider to blue in the application, the lamp goes off completely. I will try to add a video here.


From the video you post, i don’t see red and green color. But I can’t say they are bad.

@Marmad79 @jonofe

If you think your red color (for example), you can set red color from Yeelight application to see if the lamp show red. If not, please post a picture here.


Here is the link



It seems the blue beams are bad, please contact your reseller for replacement or refund.


You can’t see red and green because as I said, they are not working at all.
Mine is already sent back to gearbest. And they did not accept it as dead on arriva, because blue works, ridiculous! l, so I had to pay 19€ p&p to send it back to China.


Please see the link that Marmad79 post, if you have the same phenomenon, please contact your reseller for replacement or refund.


thank you I already contacted them