Mi gateway on Singapore server


I upgraded today Mi Home app (android) to version 5.1.25 and there is a new “Third-party platform device” section under “Profile” > “Settings” > “Experimental features”:


Seems like Xiaomi is openning up to other smart home systems! Xiaomi already has a Alexa skill but it is very limited, so Xiaomi may update it in the future.


I hope so… It’s good that they have open up their platform allowing other companies to coexist in the Mija ecosystem.


i wonder what their plan is.

maybe we could see an automation integration with other companies for things like philips hue for example or a smart thermostat.

xiaomi is still missing a lot of things from their ecosystem. like an alarm control panel where you could input a code when you come home… (their alarm system is pretty stupid). or how about an external siren?

we will see. … in other news… i am still waiting for Gearbest to send my new bulbs but it looks like shipping is not their strongest card.


Before Xiaomi added gateway to Singapore server. I used homebridge with my gateway and yeelight devices to use in homekit, so that from homekit, i can set automation for the wireless switches to turn on/off my yeelight devices while keeping the echo and google home support!


I feel that using a middleware such as homebridge to glue everything together is a much more ideal solution. Can get diffrent brand smart device to work together such as Samsung and LG.


i am using openhab for months and it is working fine (i hate it for security reasons but still… it is working fine), so Singapore doesn’t matter for me.

i would like a little more responsiveness on automations and this is why i am waiting for the Germany server.

third-party integration is what we should focus on now :slight_smile:


While Siri is pretty dumb on iOS, Home is a great app, connecting all different platforms together. I hope we will see something like Homekit in Google Home app with Xiaomi, Yeelight support in the future :smiley:


The 3rd party integration is there for a while not and its not something new in this version so it has nothing to do with version 5.1.25. Also (at least in Android) only exists in Mainland China. I think this feature was added in a version somewhere between 5.1.9 and 5.1.18
Probably now was also added in iOS


I can confirm that, just use openhab. I use it with several yeelights on singapore server, the xiaomi gateway and sensors on chinese server, philips hue, tp link kasa, over 40 smart home gadgets over all, you can connect every gadget with alexa, Siri or google assistant if you want, create rules, etc, no matter wich producers or server is used. A bit of work, but it works perfect!

You can even connect Xiaomi and Yeelight gadgets using OpenHAB … crazy! :wink:


WoW ! I need to look into openhab. Thanks for sharing…


Probably old news by now, but it looks like it’s coming together. Last night, I moved the gateway (“Mi Control Hub”) to the SG server. Still won’t initialise, but I managed to add all my devices and set up the automation rules and they all work fine. The short list is 2 Yeelight colour bulbs, 2 Mi wireless switches, 2 Mi door/window sensors. The two google homes work fine with the Yeelights. Now if I can just get the Mi app to recognise the S20 wifi plugs as well … perhaps the Orvibo connectors will work with this.


I was not able to connect my gateway to any other server but the china mainland. I use android and have tried the Mi Home 5.1.22 and 5.1.25 and HK and SG server.

Did anyone succeed in connecting the gateway to the mi home app with android on the HK or SG server?


no, i cant add my gateway to any other server! i can use only mainland china! i have the gateway 2nd generation (latest gateway created), with the new mija logo (not the letters MI logo). im on android with mi home app 5.1.25. I tried to reset everything and to reconfigure it first with iphone and then again with android. on iphone is recognized but I can not get into the gateway settings, so I returned to the mainland china server


OK, so I guess the folks above all use IOS.
Could someone clarify what version of the gateway this is?


This is the latest version of the gateway (2nd generation)


Yes, I’m on iOS, specifically on v.4.7.5 of the app. To be clear, I still can’t seem to initialize the gateway, but adding other devices and setting up automation all seemed to work anyway.


All of these gateways work the same and the only differences between them are name and design changes.

Xiaomi Multi-functional Gateway (Generation 1)

Mijia Gateway (Generation 2) (Name was changed to Mijia gateway, Changed logo, Added open API support)

Mi Control Hub (Generation 3) (Name changed to Mi Control Hub, rounder edges and bold logo)


i don’t understand this. they released a 3rd generation with no bluetooth support? WTH Xiaomi.


According to the Xiaomi Hong Kong website. The Mi Control Hub has no bluetooth functionality.