Mi gateway on Singapore server


I still dont see it on Singapore server on ios


Good news is that Hong Kong server now supports all devices! even gateway and sensors!


I removed all my sensors and gateway from the China server and add them via my iPad to the Singapore one. Although I can’t open sensors logs, all alarms and automation scenes works. I have 4x button, 1x temperature sensor, 1x motion sensor, 1x door sensor, 2x smoke alarm, 2x Yeelight strip, 4x Yeelight bulb.


Can’t I use a new user ID? I just want to see the whole list
Tonight I will try again with my iPad


I can’t see the gateway…


I have mi home app with V4.7.4 for iphone
how can I get the latest version??
I can’t see all the products either


I tried with another iPhone. Download the Mi Home app. Signup a new account in SG server.
Still cant see gateway or any of the sensors and switches. :frowning:

HELP! Need a server that can add my Mi/Aqara products and make them work with Alexa

What version are you using? Android? IOS?
On Android I cannot see the gateway


Did you reset your Gateway?


android mi app v5.1.22 can’t see gateway on singapore nor hongkong server. if tap add manually, there are 26 devices available to be added, see screenshot.


Gateway and sensors are now supported on Hong Kong sever. Xiaomi has even started selling the gateway and sensors on Xiaomi Hong Kong website. http://www.mi.com/hk/mi-control-hub/

If it still doesn’t show the gateway on hong kong server. Wait until Xiaomi releases an update. Expect the update to come in 4 days because Xiaomi will start selling the gateway on Xiaomi Hong Kong website in 4 days.


@ronikrana @kittikat

Hong Kong server from Mihome is the same with Singapore server.


so, if I set it up using HK server, I will be able to use my Google home with it, right?


i like to know too cause I will just wait awhile longer if it cant use google home.
i have like 50+ home automation devices. It would be a pain to re-add them all…lol


Just a quick info: I use Mi Home 5.1.22 on android. When the app is set to Hong Kong Server I can not add the gate way. Interestingly the gateway is shown in the list of devices that should be able to manually add. But neither the scan nor the manual adding works. Also all my Yeelight devices from the Singapore Server are shown on the Hong Kong server.

I double checked to see if the gateway is OK. When connection to the mainland china server the gateway is directly connected and accessible.


If Hong Kong server will support the Xiaomi Gateway in the next few days, this is great news.

But my setup is:
1 Xiomi Gateway
3 Yeelight RGB Bulbs
1 Xiaomi smart security camera
1 Door open/close sensor
2 Aqara Smart Switches, the thin ones that stick to the walls
1 Amazon Echo Dot

So will the Hong Kong server then be able to add all the products as in the Main Land China server?

I have been struggling with this because I want to be able to control my Yeelights with Alexa but still be able to use my Aqara Smart Switches and I can’t, I am very disappointed as never thought this could be an issue.
All I want is for my products to be able to work as they were advertised. Thanks in advance.


Although we need to be patient and i do believe that Gateway (hub) and Xiaomi sensors are going to be supported eventually since that is what they promished, i am afraid that we are going to have new problems with the Aqara products on Singapore/Hong Kong server… I hope i am wrong…


But this is wrong, very wrong. As they advertise their products are a big Ecosystem that is not really possible. If the Xiaomi Gateway support English voice control, this would not be a problem as we would not need Alexa or Google to control them. Please STAFF, sort this as soon as possible. We deserve better!!


For me in my situation, the Gateway working on Signapore server does not solve not even half of my problems, as I still have a Wifi Extender, Security Camera and Aqara Smart Switches, all Xiaomi brand, that also need to work together.


Xiaomi Mi Home never advertise or promise Google Home or Alexa integration or even to be function outside China. Blame yourself.