Mi gateway on Singapore server


We need to be patient… at least they confirmed that they are now working on this and we can only hope that they will finish soon.

As for Voice assistants… i think there is a missunderstanding here for many people, we are not waiting for Xiaomi to add Google Home, Alexa, IFTTT functionality to the gateway, we are waiting for Xiaomi to add the gateway to one (or all) of the servers that YEELIGHT can already support (on their products) Google Home, Alexa, IFTTT so we can have both yeelight with voice assistants and Xiaomi gateway/sensors at the same time with working automation like now in Mainland China server and also to overall benefit from the faster servers (especially us in Europe).
I dont think we should expect voice assistant/IFTTT support for Xiaomi products (other than their own Xiaomi’s assistant) any time soon (if not ever).


Try beta version at:



Mi (Asia) skills is already available for Amazon Echo devices and I’m pretty sure that it will work straight away with all the upcoming Xiaomi devices.

Finally I can use a switch for my lights and set an automation with it! Wonder if they’ll add Geo Fencing to Singapore server or not though. Can’t wait.


I didn’t see the Mi skill in germany


I can see it, my Amazon account is in the US though, but heres the link https://www.amazon.com/Xiaomi-Inc-Mi-Asia/dp/B06Y428NX9


This skill is “old” but what this has to do with the gateway? this is for other products like AC, Humidifier etc and not the gateway.


This skill can turn on and off devices, it most likely to support the AC Companion Gateway since the quick action on the Mijia app is on and off.


Actually I have 15 Yeelight devices at home and I will purchase more devices later. I’m using all of them with Google Home (Singapore Server), but I would like to integrate also Xiaomi sensors like motion one, so can’t wait to integrate everything in one ecosystem.


With the new version 5.1.24 of Mi Home, i can now see the gateway and sensors in Singapore server (android) . Havent tries is they are working yet.


stormdreamer where did you get the 5.1.24? However, please, let us know if sensors and automation work, thank you!


I got it through the app (it showed that it had an update in settings).


Damn, no update available, but hey, it will come. Now the important thing is test the Singapore Server with Xiaomi GW and sensors. In the mean time I ordered mine, just in case :slight_smile:


Well… i will try in the next couple days but i have 20 devices (gateway, sensors and lamps) and i need to be sure that the gateway wont disappear in a few hours again like the last time :slight_smile:
If someone has fewer sensors/devices he can give it a try more quickly :slight_smile:

PS. if only they could also fix European server… in my emails i told them about either Singapore or Europe or both… they chose to only fix Singapore server… well better than nothing, lets not be greedy…


Ok, my Mi Home app is already on Singapore and obliviously also the Yeelight app, so I can use Yeelight devices with Google Home. I’ll add the gateway and the sensors when I’ll get it from gearbest, but maybe you’ll be faster :slight_smile: Waiting for your feedback, thank you!


And just now that i found some spare time, i connected again to Singapore server in order to add the gateway and the gateway is now missing again from the supported devices list.
Those guys at Xiaomi are just unbelievable…


i still cant see the gateway and any home automation sensors and switches at other than China server :frowning:


Gateway on the Singapore server is now working just on iOS devices.


im using iphone…


You must remove the gateway from the China server (Hold a button on top of the Gateway for 10s) and set it up again on the Singapore server.


The gateway and aller sensors works on Singapore server only on IOS? Not Android ?