Latest update: Google Home, Xiaomi MiJia and Yeelight

Good news, folks.

I just saw there is Mi Home in Google Assistant Home Control setting page.

And the best part is it is MULTIPLE SERVERS SUPPORTED.
I don’t know which server is supported but my XiaoMi wifi smart plug is in China Mainland server, Yeelight in Singapore server.
AND even if is multiple servers which my Mi Home can’t be used to control my Yeelight , it is still appear on Google Assistant.

This means I can have Yeelight set in China Mainland and still can be found in Google Assistant through Mi Home action. I can link the sensor to Yeelight and at the same time voice control it using Google Home.

Let’s give it a try and discuss here.


Wow, it works… kindof :slight_smile: I see 5 of my devices, 2 are missing (1 white bulb gen1 and 1 cieling 650)…

The new yeelight white bulb (version 2) isn’t recognized in Google Home when they is in connected to the MI home app ( China mainland) Al the other bulbs are working fine, even the new colored one.
I assume it’s a little bug because all other things are working. I can put it in the yeelight app with another account on signapore server, that it is working but…

Yes, I can confirm, jus installed another white gen 2 bulb and it is not visible in Google Assistant… (China server)

color rgb yeelight 2 and 1 are working GREAT!!! on China mainland

well done mi home!

has anyone found a way to use it with smart plugs?

@PrimeTeDeV Only WiFi smart plug is supported not Zigbee version.

Does anyone know any other Xiao Mi products also supported by Google Home?
I heard that Vacuum Cleaner 2 is also supported for GH voice control.

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In my case only white Yeelight bulb (1st generation) and Yeelight Strip integrated.
Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum Cleaner didn’t.

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Air purifier also doesn’t work. white bulb g1, color bulb g1 and stripe work for me.

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cool. cant wait to try it tonight. but unfortunately i only see my lights on there. no sensors or buttons. aarrghhh!!

Any news on when the ZigBee Smart Plug will be supported by Google Home??

Zigbee devices are not supported, I have slim hope on it.
According to press released before, They will have WiFi devices supported for Google Home.

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well if they do it right and support the gateway which is wifi… it can be done.

My Vacuum cleaner V1 (without mop) is visible in the list and does work fine

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Of course but I don’t think it is in their current plan.

You may refer to the article below:


Hi, can you elaborate more on how’s the vacuum cleaner v1 work with google assistant?
May I know which server it is on?China Mainland?

Yeah it’s China mainland. How it works? I don’t even know what to say: it does respond on commands like: Ok Google, start vacuum cleaner. And respective Stop command. I haven’t seen any documentation about that or “readme” so don’t know for sure: there is no command to send it to the dock or I just didn’t guess right command for the same

Glad I found this thread. I need help with my devices, I would like them to work with Google Home.

Can I please confirm,
Do these items work with Google Home (voice commands) on China Mainland server?

  1. Roborock
  2. Yeelights (including scenes that are setup on Yeelights app)
  3. Xiaomi Smart Plug
  4. ZigBee Plug
  5. Air Con Companion

Best regards

I want to know more about new update of google home is it possible refer me to a page related to this topic from this site? I take a help of[ Avast Support]( ‎) but this site didn’t help me properly.

So far as I know, only a few are supported.

  1. Roborock (only first generation)
  2. Yeelights (First generation and beside lamp, scenes supported)
  3. Xiaomi Smart Plug (WiFi version)
  4. ZigBee Plug (No)
  5. Air Con Companion (No)

Kindly update here if anyone knows because I don’t own all devices.

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I have those items above and I’m considering to change severs for the excitement of using Google Home.

I’m a little confused about the vacuum names.
Which is version 1 here? - MiJia Robot Vacuum?

Does anyone here have Aqara products? Does the curtain work? Considering to purchase this next…