Latest update: Google Home, Xiaomi MiJia and Yeelight


If i am not mistaken, Google Home can capture supported devices even it is in China Server.
You don’t have to change the server.
I guess there is no proper English name for the robot vaccum because it is not meant for international sales.
So far as I know, Aqara products are yet to be supported by Google Home.
Aqara do have their own plan to support Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit in the future.
Aqara is planning to “embrace all major platforms of smart speakers,” where Google Home was also mentioned at the Shanghai technology conference…


Just sharing my experience,

If you want to know which device is supported in Google Home,

  1. Install MiHome App, switch server to SG server, all the devices listed in SG server are supported by Google Home.
  2. If you want to see what devices are available in China, switch the server to Mainland China. If you own some devices like AC companion which does not appear in SG server, it is definitely not supported by google home.
  3. Take note take we are talking about google home support, not about MiHome support. For MiHome, all devices are supported. Just need to switch MiHome App to china server if your device is not found in SG server.
  4. On the internet, there are ways to trick SG server to recognize China product, but that does not make google home to support those products. please note.

I have tried all the above, in order to make China devices to work with google home but without success. (AC companion, Zhirui E14 Bulb, Zhirui Downlight, Aqara (Square) Temperature Sensor)
But it is well supported by MiHome App though.

If you still don’t quite understand…
a. MiHome support both SG and China products
b. MiHome can be linked to Google Home.
c. Google home will show only SG devices
d. Google home will not show China devices.
e. If you only have all China devices, and you try to link Google home, Google home does not show linkage to MiHome at all. (this does not mean Google home not supporting MiHome, It only mean Google Home did not detect any devices from MiHome…is that simple.

Other Notes:
Take note that China is not a good friend of Google in China. I totally have no confidence that XiaoMi will implement google home support to all the rest of China devices. I really hope so but also totally lack of confidence.

Leave me a note if you need more information or appreciate the information provided.


Umm, my Smartmi Standing Fan is on China Server and Google Home did not recognize it


ON China server, I see (in Google Home/Assistant) all my bulbs except v2 and Air Purifier.


Hey there,
Thanks for the summery.
I too suffer from the same issue with my Zhirui E14 Bulb and Zhirui Downlight.

Any news?
Who can we contact about this? (Google / Xiaomi)