Issues Pairing my Yeelight Bulb WHITE


I ran into the same issue yesterday.
I was able to link my YeeLight White Light to my home router. I took that light to a friend’s house to see if it would work with their Alexa. I was never able to get the YeeLight to connect. It started at 25% and then stopped. I reset the light multiple times and I was never able to connect to a different router. I took the bulb home and repeated the process. Same thing. I saw 25% and the light never connected.
Then, the YeeLight appeared on my app just like when it was previously set up. The only thing that comes to mind is that I did not ‘UNPAIR’ my light before I tried to connect it to another router. I would hate to think that there is no work-around for that? Maybe the previous connection setting were still saved in the bulb?
UPDATE 1/3/2018: I tried this again. Now I cannot connect my YeeLight to my app after multiple resets and attemptes. I have logged in and out. Deleted and Re-downloaded the app. Nothing seems to work now.


Im having similar issues with my 5 bulbs today. It disconnected from the network and I can’t seem to connect them again even after using the usual steps to reset.
They are connected to my account and have been working fine for the past 3 months. I recently connected them to Google assistant. That has been the only change.

I am also about to purchase another 20 bulbs for my home/office use. They are amongst the last few pieces in Malaysia and the distributors mentioned that there is no more white Yeelights in production.

Kindly advise

  1. Is there any issue with the Sg server that caused my sudden issue?
  2. How do I reset and reconnect them if the usual “3*off/on” doesn’t work?
  3. Will the functions of the app no longer support the white bulb in the near future?
  4. Are you phasing out the 4000k white bulb?
  5. Should I NOT proceed with my purchase and wait for a new product for white bulbs?

Hope to get a prompt reply…