How to adjust brightness by voice from google mini home ?


Hi there:

when I say brighten the light to 50%, GH always respond that I am sorry there is error I can’t control your device. may I know what should I do ? thanks in advance.



thx, but it couldn’t help after severl attemps, I assign the white bulb to us account, only can dim light by ifttt, but couldn’t operate by list you gaven to me , is there someting wrong?


What’s Google Home response?


I am sorry there is error I can’t control your device


Are you sync devices successful on Google Home App?


yes, I can switch off and on the light, but couldn’t dim the light.


what’s you said dim command?


set light to 50%, the google respond that I am sorry that there is error I couldn’t control it.


Your bulb name is “light”? tell me your xiaomi ID, i help you to check it.


I named the light as enlighten, but I couldn’t set enlight to 50%, this is my id: 271897380, thx!


Try to say “set enlighten to 50%”


still didn’t work


Please update your firmware version


how to update the firmware ?


my version is 1.2.4_15



  1. Turn on Yeelight App
  2. Click firmware update in left menu


may I know the last version is 1.2.4_15 ?


Current Version is 1.4.1


thx, but when I click update, it would tell me it is last version, what should i do ?