How to adjust brightness by voice from google mini home ?


Can you take a screenshot?



Reset this bulb and connect to China server update firmware, when your update successful, you can reset it to US server.


how to reset bulb, what is different betweens this account ?

  1. Click More in left menu
  2. Chick server to change Singapore ( China can’t supported Google Home )
  3. Click “+” in device page
  4. Click LED Bulb (White)
  5. Click How to reset


We are releasing the new firmware to the US server, about 15 minutes.


many thx! what is newly version of us region ?


When our release successful, you can receive update notify.


ok, I will be waiting, but my last version is 1.4.1_53


Yeah, this is the latest version


that mens it is finall version you release today?




thx for your help, have a nice day.


Are all command working now?


Thx, you did good job! may i have instruction or handbook that how to fully use your offfice yeelight app, i sitll confuse the app and I didn’t any throughly information on youtube, could you help me for that ?


Hi hayat,
Happy new year. Do you have some functions that you don’t know how to do?


Thx,happy new year! yes , there are some confuse when i open APP, i really need a intruction or handbook how to fully use official app porperly.