Google Home and Yeelight scenes

I switched from Singapore server to US server and then switched back to Singapore server again. It looks like it caused one particular scene (I called it: ‘warm’) created in the US server keeps appearing in the Google Home app even though I have deleted that scene in Yeelight Action app. I have even reset the light already.

Can any Yeelight support staff please help me delete that scene? My Mi ID is 250232176.

Thanks in advance

Can’t you do that in Google Home app? The scene is already synced to Google Home database, we can’t handle that.

Under Home Control of the Google Home app, there is no option to delete any scene of Yeelight Actions. I have already unlinked my Yeelight account and linked back again but this one particular scene which I have already deleted keeps appearing. So everytime I tell Google Home to “activate warm”, it will say “Activating two scenes”. It works fine but annoying because there is only one scene called “Warm”.

Hi, i have deleted it for you. please try to say “Hey Google, sync devices”.

@yusure, wonderful. It works now. Thanks for your help. I asked Google Home to “synchronize devices” and now everything is working fine. (By the way, when I told Google home to “sync devices”, it heard me as saying “sing devices” and it sang “Lalalala”…: :slight_smile:

Again, thank you very much. You guys are excellent!

Someone in my house accidentally switched the power to my Yeelight color bulbs off and both Yeelight Action app and Google Home could no longer control the bulbs (Yeelight app said they were both offline) even though the power has been switched back on. So I reset both bulbs and set them up again (using Singapore server) but after trying for 40 minutes, the setup keep failing and I gave up and tried using the US server instead. Using the US server, the setup was successful for all bulbs. Unfortunately the scenes I created on Singapore server keep appearing on my Google Home app even though I am now connected to the US server with newly created scenes.I have tried asking Google Assistant to “Synchronize devices” and it did but still got duplicate scenes.

My Mi ID is 250232176. By the way, I am located in Singapore and have 1Gbps fibre optic connection.

Please have a try, there’s something error with cloud server. We have fixed it now.

I am already switched to US server. All is working fine except Google Home showing duplicate scenes. Should I switched back to Singapore server?

You should remove duplicate scenes from Google Home manually.

As explained to your colleague yusure in previous post above, Google Home app has no option to delete Yeelight scenes. That’s why he helped me delete the scenes manually.

Hi, could you do the same for me please? I’m unable to control my scenes with Google home due to the fact that I added many duplicates and there is no way to fix this myself.

Hi, tell me your Xiaomi ID please.

First time I sync with yeelight it took scenes as new bulbs

Now if I command “turn off lights” it says, “turning off 3 lights”

I deleted scenes and re-sync, but home assistant still says there are 2 lights.

I can’t activate an scene, and I was able first time

Any clues?



Can i see your Xiaomi ID please ? Let me check the data for you.

I deleted some scenes and in google assistant still shows 2 lights

id: 242487809


I only found one bulb in backend logs, could you paste a screenshot ?


It says “2 lights”


Look at this page, how many bulbs do you have?

One, no scenes

OK, thanks for you feedback, i’ll report this issue to Google official.