Create scene > nothing listed in "recommend"

I am trying to set standard scenes but there is nothing listed in the “recommend” section.

Here are the steps I performed in the app:

  1. tap on “Scene” at the bottom panel.
  2. tap on “Create Scene” buttom.
  3. tap on “Sun” icon, and “Next” button
  4. named “Sunrise”.
  5. tap on “Yeelight Color Bulb”
  6. at the prompt “Please specify device state”, I tapped “Turn on with scene”.
  7. Nothing shows up on “Recommend”, “Customization”, “Favorites”.

Firemware: latest
Yeelight Version: 3.1.11

Any help?

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Thanks for feedback! We will look into it!

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thanks, hope to have a solution soon


Could you see recommend scene(Customization and Favorites) in Control view?

Favorites are ok. I just can not see the recommended modes! As it is in the picture of the post!

Could you please provider your xiaomi account ID, we will have a look?

I’ve just PM you my account ID, thanks!

Nothing listed in the “recommend” section too.Thans

Which server do you select? Please provider your xiaomi account ID, we will have a look.

@dingyichen thanks for the fix! It looks great now

Hi, I just registered because I am having this same problem. Nothing in the scenes/recommended menu! I usually use Mi Home but when the recommended didn’t show up there I tried with the yeelight app. Same problem. Even my favourites are gone (only had two made). My Mi account is 1645677017. If any of the staff could help that would be great!!

Which server do you select? We have fixed the issue, please restart your application to have a try.

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Hi. I usually use Mainland China, but I tried all of them when I got the issue and it was all the same. A couple of hours ago I tried and my favourites were showing up as well as the recommended scenes. Now all I get is device offline, but it might be because it is a very bad weather here in Portugal right now. I am not at home at the moment so can’t restart the bulb or check the wifi. I will try later in the day :wink: Thank you!

Can you please have a look on my light? Because I don’t have scenes and I cannot save favourites.


Thank you

Please try again. Suppose it’s working.

Im so sorry but it’s not working.
If I save, I don’t see the saved colour in the list.
What do I need to do?
Thank you


please show me your xiaomi id.

Hello coasterli! I’m having the same issue on one of my two mobile phones (Samsung J3). My Mi ID is 1739510490 and i’m using the German server. My Yeelight is a Color Bulb, V2. My Recommend section is blank and I cannot save a favorite.

Hope you can do something about it :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your feedback, which version of Yeelight application do you use?