Controlling Yeelight RGBW using terminal / command line

I wanted to know if it is possible to control the Yeelight bulb using commands in the terminal or command line.
Please tell me how this is possible.

Thank you

Yes, for sure, you can just simply telnet to the bulb and send commands.

Please follow instructions on following link:
Then read the spec:

Then you can do everything you want under the same LAN.

Please a example http line, or a other explanation

I do not understand the document you give

Can i use perhaps a linuxscript to?
A example?

Linx (change the IP to your bulb)
echo -ne '{"id":1,"method":"toggle","params":[]}\r\n' | nc -w1 55443

Linx (change the IP to your bulb)
echo -ne ‘{“id”:1,“method”:“toggle”,“params”:[]}\r\n’ | nc -w1 55443

Thanks !
that command works even on ANDROID phone - so that’s good for tasker as well - NEAT !

also - as I learned today - the “id” can can also 0 not just 1 ( guess other numbers as well if you got more then one yeelight in your lan ).