Connecting to WPA2 entreprise wifi

I am interested in ordering a yeelight bulb, I was wondering if it is possible to connect it to an entreprise wifi, with a username@domain and password. Eduroam for example.

Thank you!

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I do not quite understand what is entreprise wifi. Currently it doesn’t support wifi access points (or the portals which serve as “sign in” pages for visitors and guests) and I think it is OK for others.

Here’s what I found on an Apple thread : “WPA2 Personal is the main WiFi security method and this is what most home and small business users use. It uses a single password. Most WiFi networks use this method. WPA2 Enterprise is also called 802.1x and is the enterprise method. This method shouldn’t be used by home users as it requires a RADIUS authentication server and needs a username and password. It supports multiple accounts for each user.”

Basically you’ll have to put the ID+pw within the wifi settings when you’re on your phone or pc (with classic wifi there’s only a pw).

I found this image on google :

Actually Eduroam uses 802.1x EAP, it connects the same way in practice.

The bulb can only work with a router using WPA/WPA2 encryption method with a password, I think it’s ok in your case.

I just found this post : Wifi connection problem
Doesn’t look like it will :weary:

Is there any way you could support that?

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