Wifi connection problem


I recently purchased the Yeelight bulbs.
I have a problem to connect them, I’m in a residence and to connect to WiFi with an account, you need a username and password. The application does not support this type of connection. I also tried to share my 4G of my phone but couldn’t detect them.

How can I use them?

Thank you very much.

Sorry, the bulb doesn’t support that kind of WiFi setup.

Will it be possible in future updates?

How else can I do it? By sharing 4G?

The bulb can only work with a router using WPA/WPA2 encryption method with a password. The router must connect to the internet and can’t let user type userid/password to login.
You can find another phone and setup a hotspot, then connect the bulb to the hotspot.

All right, that’s what I thought!
Are you sure this is working?

I had tried to share the connection of my PC via a RJ45 cable to my laptop, then to share this one in Wifi, it didn’t work…

could you be more specific? “it doesn’t work” is too general, you need to tell us which step you failed at and what the error message did you get.

I didn’t get an error message, just when I was looking for the light bulbs, they were not detected.

Did you follow the instruction of the App? You need to download Yeelight app firstly and then add new devices. Please show us the screenshot.

I’m doing the research, but nothing. However, geolocation is very active. While when I connect to the Wifi network with account I see them

Please reset the bulb by turning on/off it five times in a row and then retry.

I do that when I come home and I tell you!

It works by sharing 4G!
Thank you, thank you!

Now do you have links so that I can control them via a web interface?

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