China (Mainland)

Hi all, I have a dilema, If i add my bulbs to US server i can use Google Home and NOT wireless switch, if i chage to China Mainland server, google home stops working and wireless switchs works.

Someone can help me to have both working?

You should read this topic:

Welcome to the “club” or people with the same issue.
There is no real solution.
Read here Mi gateway on Singapore server and you will find out that we are waiting for over a year for this to be solved (singapore/us server to support xiaomi gateway and sensors).
I have sent Xiaomi emails many times. One of those times they promished to take a look at it and it seemed that there was some movement in the singapore server but after that nothing. My latest emails were never answered. The latest update from Xiaomi (they had a meeting with yeelight and that they discussed about this) was that… there is no actual schedule for any solution from Xiaomi. You will read more details in the topic above.
Seems like we were waiting all this time for nothing and seems that Xiaomi doesnt really care about international users. I personally already regretted the purchase of the Xiaomi gateway and sensors and trying to find another solution for a wireless switch just to get rid of the Xiaomi products (not yeelight ones).
Right now i can turn on/off my lamps in the living room using alexa by having a home assistant server running in a raspberry PI that listens for IFTTT scripts (http requests) so the workarounds require some knowledge, skills and extra cost (i dedicated a PI for this) unfortunately.
Sorry for the bad news.

There are hundreds of users with same problem.